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From the Sussex Advertiser, 21st July 1823

Last Tuesday an inquisition was taken before our Coroner, G Gwynne, Esq, on view of the body of Thomas Norman of Glynde, a helper in Lord Hampden's Gardens, who was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun. It appeared in evidence that between two and three o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, a shower of rain coming on, the deceased, to prevent the gun (kept in the garden for the purpose of driving birds from the fruit) from getting wet, took it into the garden house, and while in the act of placing it under a table for security, with the muzzle towards him, the cock, coming in contact with a piece of timber, was forced down, when the gun exploded, and lodging its contents in the chest of the unfortunate young man, caused his instant death. Verdict - Accidental Death.

The deceased, who was in the 20th year of his age, was of a good disposition, and much esteemed by all who knew him, his sad catastrophe will, therefore, be long lamented.

Glynde baptism register: 11 May 1804, Thomas, son of John and Ann Norman.

Glynde burial register: 19 July 1823, Thomas Norman of this parish, aged 19.

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