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From the Sussex Express, 7th August 1936



The funeral took place on Thursday last week of Ivy Maud Phipps of Barbers Corner, Beddingham, who died as the result of an accident in a hayfield near her home on the previous Monday. She was seven years of age.

The service at Beddingham Church was conducted by the Rev A G Gregor. The mourners were Mr and Mrs Frederick Phipps (father and mother), Miss Eileen Phipps (sister), Mr and Mrs J Baker (grandparents) and Mr Jim Baker (uncle).

Floral tributes were sent from:- Mother and father and sister Eileen; Nannie and Granddad; Uncle Jim and Auntie Ivy; Auntie Ethel, Uncle Jim and family (South Heighton); Olive, Frank, Jack and Harold Small; Mr and Mrs Pile, Court House, Beddingham; Auntie Florrie, Uncle Walter and Lionel; her playmates, Monty and Donald; Beddingham School; Denis and Jim, Newhaven; Mr and Mrs Follington and Margaret; Mr and Mrs Lahoar, Cobbe Place, Beddingham; friends at Cobbe Place; Mr and Mrs Barnes and her school friend , Lena; Mr and Mrs White, Ron and Arthur; her school fellows; Mrs Baitup and Gwen; Mr and Mrs Preston; baby Lovelace; Mr and Mrs Trigwell and family; Mr and Mrs Cooke; the Firle Guides; Mr and Mrs Blake and family; Idwal and Frances; Colonel and Mrs Ponsonby, Cobbe Place

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