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Sched No. Address Name Relation to Head of Household Marital Status Age Occupation Worker/ Employer Birth Parish Parish Page image
23Glynde PlaceHenry BrandVisitor M 36 Son of Lord Dacre, magistrate and private secretary to Sir G Hadley, Middlesex Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceElizabeth BrandWife M 31 Heavitree, Devon Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceAlice BrandDaughter S 11 Scholar at home Devonport. Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceHenry BrandSon S 9 Scholar at Brighton Devonport. Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceGertrude BrandDaughter S 6 Scholar at home Chester Square, London Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceMabel BrandDaughter S 5 Scholar at home Brighton Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceThomas BrandSon S 3 Brighton Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceMary BrandDaughter S 2m Park Street, Grosvenor Square, Lond Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceAugusta SwannGoverness S 23 Governess Redington, Rutland Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceJulianna BeachtolfServant S 24 Lady's maid Germany. Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceAlmenia TaylorServant S 25 Nurse Lewes Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceKatherine O'BrienServant S 32 Wet nurse Ireland. Glynde 
23Glynde PlaceJohn Lawnpitt [?]Servant S 29 Valet Tenbury, Worcestershire Glynde 

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