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From the Sussex Express, 11th September 1820


A capital South Down Flock, excellent Husbandry Horses, a Bull, Cows, Pigs, an extensive assortment of Agricultural Implements of every denomination, modern Household Furniture, China, Glass, Books, &c,


On the Premises,


On Saturday, the 16th of September, and the three following days, (Sunday excepted) at Twelve o’clock,

THE genuine and entire valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, together with the neat modern Household Furniture, of William Blunt, esq, at Burston Place, near Petersfield, comprising 1090 SOUTH DOWN SHEEP, rams and ewes, ram lambs, ewes and wethers, 12 clever, active cart horses, a handsome Norman bull, 3 excellent milch cows, a fine boar, 2 sows, 24 store pigs, wagons, carts, stone and wood rollers, a Hull cutting and machines, ploughs, harrows, &c

The FURNITURE consists of neat bedsteads and furnitures, prime bedding, with the general articles of cabinet work, a square piano forte, by Clementi, a patent mangle, polished steel and cast register stoves, a kitchen range, with the usual culinary, dairy, brewing, and washing utensils.

The Effects may be viewed on Friday preceding the Sale.

Mr Weller begs leave to direct the attention of the intelligent and skilful Breeders to a select South Down Flock, bred wholly for many years, from the Stock of Mr Ellman, of Glynde, whose celebrity has so justly merited and gained him from the scientific, a decided preference over every other in the Kingdom, both for symmetry, size and the superior quality of their Wool. – Nothing would have induced Mr Blunt to part with his valuable Flock, after so many years exertion, and being at so great an expense and care in obtaining a purity of blood not to be surpassed; but that of quitting entirely his agricultural pursuits; it is fairly presumed there has not been for many years, so estimable a South Down Flock submitted to the public; the sheep having gained the first prizes at Winchester and Petersfield shows; but the proprietor with that liberality which has ever marked his character, declined exhibiting for the premiums, having so universally borne away the palm, he was fearful the ardour of other Competitors might be damped; he therefore continued his show but would not accept a prize. Catalogues may be had at 1s each, at the place of Sale – Dolphin, Petersfield – King’s Arms, Godalming – White Hart, Guildford – Mr Knight, Banker, Kingston – Auction Mart,London – White Lion, Bath – Regent’s Hotel, Salisbury – White Hart, Winchester – Dolphins, Southampton – Bush, Farnham – Bugle, Titchfield – Red Lion, Fareham – George, Portsmouth – Ship and Bell, Horndean – Bear, Havant – Spread Eagle, Midhurst – Half Moon, Petworth – Crown, Arundel – Star, Lewes – at the Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, Little Hampton, and Bognor, and of Mr WELLER, Chichester.

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