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From the Sussex Advertiser, 11th November 1833

A novel robbery was discovered to have been effected at Glynde Church, near this town, a few days since A pane of glass had been removed from one of the windows, by which the thief or thieves gained admission into the church, and stole from the walls four solid silver engraven plates tablets to the memory of the Hampden family. After the robbery had been committed the pane of glass was replaced, but not very dexterously. A man, named Thomas Taylor*, employed on the estate of the Hon. General Trevor, has been apprehended, charged with the robbery, and stands fully committed to take his trial for the offences at the next assizes.

* This might be Thomas Taylor, son of William and Ann Taylor, baptised at Glynde 13 June 1779. This Thomas does not appear on the Glynde census returns from 1841 onwards.

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