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From the Sussex Express, 2nd September 1927


On Thursday of last week the schoolchildren were entertained to an excellent tea at the Club Room, by the members of the Glynde and Beddingham Working Men's Club. Sports followed in the Recreation Ground. The Glynde and Beddingham prize band was in attendance. The arrangements were admirably carried out by Mrs Hoather, Mrs W Turner, Mrs G Davis, Mrs Barlow, Mrs Kent, Miss M Freeman and Miss I Hutson. Mrs Pickard presented the prizes as follows:


Flower-pot race - 1, Emily Littlechild; 2, Doris reed; 3, Emily Allport. Flat race - 1, W Beech; 2, E Littlechild; 3, H Saxby. Flat race - 1, K Dagnell; 2, A Beech; 3, L Hutson. Skipping race - 1, N Davis; 2, R Palin; 3, I Turner. Apple race – 1, B Brockhurst; 2, K Turner; 3, E Allport. Ladies' race - 1, Mrs Hoather; 2, Mrs Lidbetter; 3, Mrs Barlow.


Potato race - 1, D Brown; 2, J Littlechild; 3, B Beech. Flat race - 1, E Downs; 2, N Allport; 3, C Knight. Flat race - 1, C Lidbetter; 2, J Godley; 3, E Coleman. Wheelbarrow race - 1, T Allport and C Lusted; 2, W Knight and V Moorey; 3, D Turner and B Hutson. Potato race - 1, E Lidbetter; 2, R Rogers; 3, K Lusted.


The contents of a parcel of groceries, given by Mrs Hoather, was correctly estimated by Miss R Hutson. In guessing the age of a chicken (given by the Misses Olive and Marney Freeman), Mr Allport was successful, after tieing with Mr H Netley. A large cake, given by Mrs Williams, was won by Mr C Gravett.

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