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From the Sussex Express, 1st June 1889


FRIENDLY SOCIETY FESTIVAL – The 60th anniversary of the Glynde Friendly Society was celebrated on Thursday, the open-air festivities being held in a meadow kindly lent by Lord Hampden. In accordance with custom, the members attended service at the parish church in the morning. The Rev G Averill officiated. The village was afterwards paraded, the Lewes town band heading the procession. At the dinner which followed over 200 sat down. Viscount Hampden, GCB, presided, supported by Rev G Averill, Mr J Gorringe (Beddingham), Mr F Newington, Mr D Aylwin, Mr H Colgate, Mr Pickard, Mr W Medhurst, Mr T Pitcher (Messrs Harvey and Son), Mr H Knight, Mr J Stevens, Mr G Cookson, Mr J Peters, Mr A Weller, Mr J Pike, Mr C Weller, Mr W Chandler, Mr H Weller, Mr M Moore, Mr G Hide, Mr A Wilson, Mr A Venus, Mr A Taylor, Mr T Moore, Mr A Haines, Mr A Tompsett, Mr J Haines, Mr G Thompson, Mr Anscombe, Mr G Moore (secretary), etc. Mr Beck, of the Trevor Arms, provided a capital repast. After the loyal toast, the CHAIRMAN proposed 'The Bishop and clergy of the diocese'; the toast as responded to by the VICAR. LORD HAPDEN then submitted 'Success to the Glynde Friendly Society', remarking that they seemed to improve financially from year to year. There had been last year among 211 members a certain amount of sickness, but that sickness had been solaced by liberal sick pay, and it was remarkable that there had not been a single death among the members. They could not, of course, guarantee their immunity from death, but they could and did relieve them when suffering came (hear, hear) and when death overtook them they provided for the expenses that followed upon death. He coupled with the toast the name of one man who devoted considerable time gratuitously to keeping their accounts and helping them in their ministration – the VICAR of the parish. Rev G AVERILL, in responding, mentioned that this was the eleventh occasion on which he had taken part in the anniversary celebrations of the society. Since he had been treasurer the members had increased by 50, and the reserve fund by more than £150. In he eleven years there had been only ten deaths among the members, and there had been no death in the year amongst the 356 people incorporated in the society. This showed that the society was not only prosperous, but that it as very healthy. The share out this year was not quite so large as usual, being 8s, but this only showed that the society had been a great help to the members (hear, hear). Mr AMOS WELLER proposed 'The Honorary Members' and remarked that these were the mainstay of the society. He remembered the time when the reserve fund was as low as £11. Mr GORRINGE responded 'The Officers of the Society'. In responding Mr G MOORE (the secretary) eulogised the services rendered by the stewards, who were a very great assistance. 'The health of the Chairman', which was heartily drunk, brought the toast list to a finish. The balance-sheet shows that during the year £129 2s 6d has been expended in sick relief, and the members' subscriptions have amounted to £252 1s. The reserve fund amounts to £385 2s d, and the balance on the general account is £42 4s.

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