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From the Sussex Express, 18th July 1930



Owing to high scoring at Glynde on Thursday last week, which prolonged the game, this match was drawn.

Glynde and Beddingham: -
Miss D Hutsonc Wenman, b Back 8
Miss K Hutsonc Wenman, b V Wenman 16
Miss K Pikeb V Wenman 8
Miss O Freemanc Back, b Skinner 34
Miss M Freemanretired 43
Miss G Baitupc Wenman, b Skinner 9
Miss E Littlechildc Boyes, b V Wenman 6
Miss M Coombsb Back 2
Miss M Hutsonc and b Back 7
Miss H Netleyc Boyes b V Wenman 3
Miss M Jacksonnot out 0
Extras 4
Miss V Wenmanc Littlechild, b O Freeman 39
Miss E Backc O Freeman, b M Freeman 31
Miss J Hobdenc Netley, b Pike 15
Miss Q Boyesrun out 6
Miss D Skinnerb Pike 3
Miss M Baldocknot out 1
Miss C Sneadb Pike 0
Miss M Wenmanb Pike 1
Extras 4
Total (for 7 wickets)100

[The following report of a match played by the Firle stoolball team appeared in the same edition of the Sussex Express and is included here because at lest three of the women playing (Elsie Eastwood, Win Barlow and Ida Lusted) lived in Glynde or Beddingham. Ed]


FIRLE (for 8 dec) 204 – LITTLE COMMON 101

At Little Common on Saturday Firle won by 103 runs:

Firle: -
Miss H Merrittc Mrs Packham, b Taylor 76
Mrs R Eastwoodb Peachey 13
Mrs L Tompsettb Peachey 12
Miss W Barlowb Ide 15
Miss N Staceynot out 62
Miss I Lustedc Hemmings, b Ide 3
Mrs H Unsteadc Lloyd, b Q Packham 21
Mrs W Owenc and b Q Packham 0
Miss W Newnhamc Packham, b Q Packham 0
Miss G Gladmannot out 1
Miss J Payton did not bat
Extra 1
Total (for 8 wkts dec) 204
Little Common:-
Miss D Lloydrun out 0
Miss E Taylorb Unstead 12
Miss Q Packhamc Stacey, b Merritt 49
Mrs Peacheyrun out 7
Miss A Stephensonc and b Barlow 3
Mrs Idec Tompsett, b Newnham 11
Mrs Stephensonc Eastwood, b Barlow 2
Mrs Hemmingsc Unstead, b Merritt 1
Mrs Packhamb Stacey 1
Miss Whitingrun out 2
Miss K Sinclairnot out 9
Extras 4

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