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From the Sussex Advertiser, 26th May 1846

George Hylands, 21, pleaded guilty to an indictment which charged him with stealing, on the 30th of April, two ewes and two sheep, the property of Thomas Ellman.

Several persons were called, who gave the prisoner a good character for honesty, prior to the present transaction.

The prisoner having been called upon in the usual for, Lord Chicheser said - Prisoner, you have pleaded guilty to this charge of stealing a number of sheep, the property of Mr Ellman. The Court has carefully examined the evidence against you, than which nothing could be more conclusive of your guilt. The crime of sheep-stealing is one of the most serious you could commit, and has necessarily exposed you to a very heavy punishment; in addition to which the Court understands you are a married man, with a family. Your crime, therefore, not only brings this punishment upon yourself, but entails great misery upon your wife and children. The sentence of the Court is that you be transported beyond the seas for the space of ten years.

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