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From the Sussex Advertiser,
Monday 27 January, 1823

On the night of last Saturday se’ennight, a remarkably fat wether sheep was stolen in the Farm Yard of Mr Ellman, of Glynde, by some Robbers, who, after deliberately leading the animal from its stall to a direction post, not far from Mr Ellman’s premises, there slaughtered and dressed it, leaving the skin and entrails behind them. Mr Ellman offers a Reward of Twenty Pounds for the apprehension and conviction of the Offender or Offenders.

Monday 10 March, 1823

Last Monday William Hall, was committed to our [Lewes] House of Correction by H Campion, Esq, charged on the oath of Elizabeth Hall and others with stealing two hams and two cheeks of bacon, and two washing pans, the property of Elizabeth Hall, his mother.

On Tuesday Milward Rowe and George Rowe, brothers, of a respectable family, were taken up and underwent an examination before the above magistrate, being charged on the oath of Liutenant-Colonel Downman of Laughton with having, on the 2nd day of July last, stolen a fat wether sheep, the property of the Colonel. Committed for further examination.

They also stand committed for further examination on a charge exhibited against them by the above William Hall, an accomplice, for the commission of divers felonies, and particularly in stealing a singularly fine wether sheep the property of Mr Ellman, of Glynde; a fat sheep from the premises of Mr E Scrase of Broyle Place, and the one above mentioned belonging to Colonel Downman.

24 March 1823

At the Spring Assizes, which commenced this day at Horsham before the Chief Baron and Mr Baron Graham, we learn from enquiry that Mr Smart has in his custody for trial only 37 prisoners. They [include]: William Hall, for robbing his mother’s house of two hams and two cheeks of bacon. - Milward Rowe and George Rowe, for sheep-stealing at Laughton and Glynde; they stand charged principally on the information of the above William Hall, an accomplice.

31 March 1823

George Rowe, 21, for feloniously breaking and entering Beddingham Windmill, and feloniously stealing therein 3 bushels of flour, two sacks, two bags, a smock frock and a fustian jacket, the property of George Webb; sentenced to be transported for the term of 7 years.

William Hall, for burglariously entering the dwelling house of his mother, and stealing therein two hams and two cheeks of bacon – acquitted.

[Perhaps George Rowe’s sentence of transportation was commuted, because, four year later another report appeared in the local press. Ed]

24 Dec 1827

Sussex Winter Assizes

Seven Years’ Transportation. – George Rowe, 26, with intent illegally to destroy game, being armed with a gun, in a certain close called Farrable’s Wood, in the parish of Glynde.

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