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From the Sussex Express, 1st February 1902



The inhabitants of this village, under the admirable leadership of the gallant Admiral of Glynde Place, are showing a very martial spirit, and evincing a desire to be of use in their place in the defence of the country in the event of that oft-threatened invasion of the 'tight little island' we have in times gone by heard so much of. Perhaps, too, the residence in their midst of the late Commander-in-Chief of the British army has fostered the growth of this patriotic movement. On Monday evening last, a meeting having been called for the purpose of forming a rifle club, the youth and manhood of Glynde assembled in the schoolroom to the number of about 50, amongst whom were Admiral T S Brand (who was called to the chair), Rev W E Dalton, Mr T W Pickard, Messrs W Freeman, G Freeman, A Lucas, W Holford, G Weller, C Weller, W Wright, E James, E Hoather, C Hoather, W Odd, W T Gearing, T E Gearing, etc. The Chairman commenced by giving the reasons for the establishment of rifle clubs throughout the country, stating that, though he had received a very courteous letter from the Secretary of the Lewes Rifle Club, offering to enrol in that club any of the inhabitants of Glynde who wished to join, he should like to see a shooting club formed for their own district, so that they might meet the Lewes Club in a friendly match before the shooting season was over, and he hoped that with good training and careful practice they should be able to follow up the example of the Rottingdean Club, which had developed good shooting powers, under the management of Mr Rudyard Kipling, from whom, he was pleased to say, he had received information and advice. After some general discussion it as unanimously decided to found a shooting club, to be called 'The Glynde and Beddingham Rifle Club', the chairman announcing that to meet the expense of purchasing rifles, etc., he would give a subscription to the funds of the club of 10s per each member enrolled up to 50. Admiral Brand now having to leave, the Rev W E Dalton took the chair to continue the meeting, and names were taken of intending members to the number of between 30 and 40. A committee was elected for the general working, consisting of the Rev W E Dalton, Messrs W Freeman, G Freeman, T E Gearing, W Holford, E Hoather, A Lucas, T W Pickard, and G Weller. The reverend gentleman having thanked the assembly for their attendance and enthusiasm, a committee meeting was then held, Mr W freeman having been elected secretary, and the Rev W E Dalton treasurer; a set of rules was adopted, and it was decided to request Lord Wolseley to become the President of the club. It was also decided to ask the following gentlemen to become Vice-Presidents:- Admiral brand, Lord Gage, the Hon A Brand, Hon C Brand, W L Christie, esq, F S Bosanquet, esq, J F Blaker, esq, J M Smith, esq, R Hoper, esq. As it had been suggested by the Chairman that it would be a good thing for the club to be able to defend their native village in the event of necessity, it was decided for the members of the club to go through a course of drill as well as shooting training, and Ex-Colour Sergeant W T Gearing and Lance-Corporal T E Gearing were appointed joint instructors. It was also agreed to at once affiliate the new club with the NRA. We heartily wish the Glynde and Beddingham Rifle Club every success.

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