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Beddingham Steam Mill

The schedule of fixtures and fittings listed on the lease of Beddingham Steam Mill to George Cooper and Frederick Aylwin, 2 Oct 1896.

Boiler house: one Lancashire boiler 20 feet x 6 feet with 2 safety valves, gauge glass, feed and stop valves, steam and feed pipe, damper, flue doors and frames, brick setting to boiler, 1-2 HP egg end boiler with fittings, steam and feed pipe, furnace fittings and damper.

Engine room: one 2 HP donkey pumping engine and connections, one compound beam engine cylinders 9 inch and 20 inch, 30 inch stroke, starting valve, steam and vacuum gauges, piping to well, brickwork foundations, flooring round engine bed, hoisting timber overhead, double acting pump with air vessel as fixed to.

Bakehouse: one 8 bushel oven complete with all furnace fittings, damper and roof, new fire bars, iron pump to oven.

First Floor: one short engine shaft with pair of spring clutches and plummer block, 1 pair bevel wheels, base plate, foot carriage and brick foundation, upright shaft in two lengths with one pair turned clutches, 2 plummer blocks and brasses, 1 spur wheel, 4 iron stove pinions, 4 stone spindles with cones, screw hoists, 4 step brasses, 4 wood and iron eye boxes and brasses, 4 cuckles, 4 bows, 4 damsels, 4 horses, lines, shoes, hoppers, 4 iron bridge trees and hoisting gear, carriage and bolts. Regulators to 4 pair of Stones, 2 pair French stones, 2 pair Peak stones, upright, posts and wood framing to carry stones and gear, 1 length of flooring round stones, exhaust complete with fan to 4 pair of stones, iron crown wheel 4 feet 5 inches diameter and pinion, one 3 inch wrought iron counter shaft, 14 feet 6 inches long, 2 iron brackets and bolts, 3 plummer blocks, brasses and bolts, one 2 inch wrought iron counter shaft 19 feet long - 2 plummer blocks and brasses, iron pulley 18 inch x 5 inch spur wheel 29 inch x 5 inch wood pulley to smutter, 20 inches x 6 inches pulley iron drum and wood shrouding to jack tackle, 20 inch x 5 inch pulley to crusher, 18 inch x 8 inch pulley to lay shaft, 18 inch x 4 inch pulley to centrifugal, 21 inch x 5 inch pulley to middlings rolls, 10 inch x 3½ inch pulley to silk reel, 12 inch x 3 inch pulley to lathe, 12 feet x 2¼ inch lay shaft, wood and iron brackets, 2 carriages and brasses, 18 inch x 4 inch fast and loose pulleys, 24 inch x 5½ inch pulley to short intermediate shaft, 4 feet x 1¾ inch intermediate shaft brackets, 2 plummer blocks, brasses and bolts, one 18 inch x 5 inch pulley to intermediate shaft, 30 inch x 6 inch pulley to scalper, 9 inch x 2½ inch pulley to feed roll, 3 feet x 2½ inch shaft at head of scalper, 2 plummer blocks and brasses, 14 inch x 8 inch pulley, 1 pair bevel wheels and timber fixing to same, one scalper complete with cylinder, spindle, arms, carriage and brasses, feed roll and stirrer in bin, worm and elevator from scalper to silk, offal separator with tunnel bin, crank shaft and pulley, silk flour dressing machine with worm, iron reel and pulley, flour mixer, one set of rolls for middlings, complete worm and elevators to centrifugal, centrifugal flour dressing machine complete, short shaft with universal joints, 21 inch x 5 inch iron pulley. Timber fixing to drive crusher, oat and bean crusher, bean and maize rolls, clover separator, 8½ inch x 2 inch upright shaft, with top and bottom plummer blocks and brasses, 14 inch x 8 inch iron pulley, 24 inch x 5½ inch iron pulley. Eureka smutter as fixed, large dust shoot out of mill, feed gates and connections, 8½ inch x 1½ inch lay shaft to elevators, 15 inch x 4 inch iron pulley, 28 inch x 5½ inch wood pulley, 9 inch x 3 inch wood pulley, vertical elevators for wheat and meal with webbing, wood buckets for meal, iron buckets for wheat, 2 spindles, 5 pulleys, meal worm across cog pit to elevators in bottom floor.

Bin Floor: hoisting roll, pulley with shrouding, lever and fixings.

Stage: meal worm with pulley, 2 shoots from elevators, plank fixed in roof, 3 pulleys.

Bins: two tunnel bins for wheat, one tunnel bin to meal, 1 flat oat bin, 1 tunnel bin to smutter, 2 tunnel bins, 1 tunnel bin for corn, 1 tunnel bin for bran t bottom floor, 1 tunnel bin for pollard, 1 tunnel bin for middlings, 2 parallel shoots to rolls and flour mixer, 2 tunnel bins over crusher, 2 tunnel bins over Peak stones, 3 offal measuring bins and partitions in bottom floor, 4 grinding meal troughs. Railway and turntable. Outside mill, 28 lbs new brasses to engine shaft, bred van on wheels.

Office in Mill: match boarding inside of office and framing, door, lock and latch.

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