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No. H 137 DIV REF. B4/7/43 H.Q. REF. RAF/186/74/43


Parish BEDDINGHAM Date 20/10/43 Time Abt. 13.30
Exact Location About ½ mile South of Furlongs Farm
Map Reference XXXXXX
British Allied or Enemy Allied Type Boeing B-17 F. Flying Fortress, No. C. 237749. O.
Condition of Machine Burnt out except for tail.


Killed - Seriously injured - Slightly injured Six
Unhurt Four Not traced -  
Disposal of crew Crew eventually taken to Swanborough Manor, with the exception of BLISS, who was removed to the Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton.
Which R.A.F. Station notified Friston Aerodrome
Time and Date of notification 13.45 hrs., 20th October 1943

Detail of Occurrence

This 'plane was originally flying approximately S.S.W. to cross the coast at Beachy Head. Engine trouble developed when over the Channel, and two engines cut out. The pilot intended to alight on the sea, but a third engine cut out. The aeroplane returned over land and, after heading for the sea again, the crew baled out. The wind blew the aeroplane away from the sea and it crashed in an open field on the side of the hill, where it burst into flames. The N.F.S from Lewes attended.

The crew were taken to the Royal Naval Hospital at Swanborough Manor, with the exception of BLISS, K.E., No not known, who was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

The names of the crew are as follows:- No 0797549 JONES, M.S., Pilot and captain of the aeroplane; No 0671088 NIEDERKORN, W.M., co-pilot; No 34316541 POLLOCK, J.H.; No 12166945 WELCH, L.F.; No 2154397 KAUFMAN, J.; BLISS, K.E.; No 12160062 BRIEDIS, F.B.; No 676941 GILLIEM, R.A.; No 14124590 RHODES, T.M.; and No 32561519 POHLOD, A.

A guard was posted by Capt SUMMERS of the 158 Pioneer Coy, Lewes.

Time and Date information received by Police 13.35 hrs, 20th October 1943
  Signature [Cyril Hunt], P.C. 57

 DIV REF. [blank] H.Q. REF. [blank]


Parish BEDDINGHAM Date 20th October 1943 Time 13.35 hours
Exact Location Furlong Farm, Beddingham
Map Reference XXXXXX
British Allied or Enemy American Type Flying Fortress
Condition of Machine Burned out


Killed NIL Seriously injured NIL Slightly injured FIVE
Unhurt FIVE Not traced NIL  
Disposal of crew One to R.S.C. Hospital, Brighton. Nine returned to base.
Which R.A.F. Station notified Faygate
Time and Date of notification 20th October 1943

Detail of Occurrence

At 13.35 hours on 20th October 1943 a Flying Fortress bomber, No C.337749, crashed and was burned out at Furlongs Farm, Beddingham, map reference XXXXXX.

The ten members of the crew baled out and landed in the Swanborough Manor neighbourhood. Five were uninjured and five slightly injured. One of the latter five was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital at Brighton.


   1. Jones W.L. Pilot No. 0797549
   2. Bliss K.E. (in hospital)
   3. Niederkorn W.M. No. 0671088 co-pilot
   4. Pollock J.H. No. 34316541
   5. Welsh L.F. No. 12166945
   6. Kaufman J. No. 2154397
   7. Bridis B. No. 12160062
   8. Rhodes T.M. No. 14124590
   9. Gillien R.E. No. 0/676941
   10. Pohlod A. No. 32561519

With the exception of the one in hospital all the crew mustered at Swanborough Manor for return to base.

Time and Date information received by Police 14.36 hrs, 20th October 1943 (Headquarters)
  Signature [blank]

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