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Population counts & census returns in Glynde & Beddingham

The following three account of the population of Glynde were written into the Glynde overseers' account book now housed at The Keep, Woollards Way, Brighton BN1 9BP (ref ESROEast Sussex Records Office/PAR 347/31/1/1). They were almost certainly part of national government's attempts to discover the size of the population during the Napoleonic Wars.


10 April 1792: An account of the number of souls, inhabitants in this parish of Glynde.

Poor who partook of Lord Hampden's Bounty the 8th of this inst. 128
Other inhabitants of this parish exclusive of Lord Hampden's family 80
  208 souls
1794. Number of inhabitant in this parish this 16 Dec 1794.  
Poor that partook of ye bounty 120
Other inhabitants exclusive of Glynde Place and Glyndebourne families 77
1 Mar 1801. Number of inhabitants in Glynde inclusive of   
Lord Hampden's family taken this daymales104

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