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List of school teachers at Glynde School

1841-1842: Miss Turner was paid £8 5s 6d for two months attendance to organise the school and salary, travelling expenses, board and lodging in the village, etc.

1844: Anna Rose.

1851 census: Harriet Terry, widow, aged 43, schoolmistress, born in Kent, Nonnington. Susannah Weller, widow, 31, infant school mistress, born in Beddingham.

1861 census: Eliza Cox, unmarried, aged 21, schoolmistress, born in London; Emily M Cox, sister, unmarried, 18, pupil teacher, born in Savat(?), Herts.

1862, 1 Dec, first entry in the Glynde School log book (ESROEast Sussex Records Office/ESC 76/1): Eliza Cox, schoolmistress, entered upon her duties 9 Jan 1857. Trained at Brighton in 1854-5-6. Certificate III, Division III class. Pupil teacher Emily Maria Cox, sister of the above, pupil teacher in her fifth year.

1862, 13 Dec. Eliza Cox resigns to take up an appointment at Oakley School, Basingstoke, Hants. Pupil teacher E M Cox intends to try for a scholarship at Whitelands.

1863, 5 Jan. Catherine Downing entered upon her duties, trained at Brighton, 1861-2. Monitoress Jessie McLeod.

1864, 16 Dec. Catherine Downing, schoolmistress, resigned and took up appointment in Barnet School, Middlesex.

1865, 2 Jan. Schoolmistress Annie Jane Moss.

1869, 29 Jun. Eliza Osborne became mistress of the Glynde National School.

1871 census: Eliza Osborne, unmarried, aged 26, schoolmistress, born in Brighton; Mary A Billington, unmarried, aged 15, teacher, born in Brighton

1881 census: Ann Pattenden, unmarried, aged 27, certified teacher, National School, born in Horne, Surrey; Sarah Pattenden, sister, aged 14, born in East Grinstead. Mary Weller (living with her parents Charles and Louisa Weller), unmarried, aged 16, pupil teacher, born in Glynde.

1884: Alma K H Norris commenced her duties 21 April

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