•  1922: Irish Free State founded•  1924: Lenin dies•  1926: General Strike•  1928: Women get the vote•  1934: Hitler assumes power in Germany•  1936: Regular BBC TV broadcasts begin•  1939: Start of 2nd World War•  1940: Dunkirk evacuation•  1941: Japanese attack Pearl Harbour•  1944: "D-Day" landings in France•  1945: End of 2nd World War•  1946: USA tests atom bomb at Bikini Island•  1947: Sound Barrier broken•  1948: NHS founded•  1950: Korean War starts•  1951: Suez "Crisis"•  1953: Queen Elizabeth II crowned•  1954: Bannister runs 1st 4 minute mile•  1955: Glynde Place opened to the public•  1955: ITV starts broadcasting•  1957: 1st dog in space•  1958: Gatwick Airport opened•  1959: M1, the 1st motoway, opened•  1961: 1st man in space•  1963: US President Kennedy assassinated•  1965: Post Office Tower opened•  1966: England win World Cup•  1967: 1st heart transplant•  1968: Martin Luther King assassinated•  1969: 1st men on the moon•  1970: North Sea Oil discovered•  1971: Decimal coins introduced

Glynde Church of England School admission register, 1946-1952


No.AdmittedNameParent or GuardianAddressDobLast schoolLast attendanceCause of leaving
55015.01.1946Bruce, DellaRex DonaldLittledene28.11.40[blank]07.06.46Father’s work
51725.03.1946White, Michael AlbertThomasField Cottage, Preston Court Farm01.05.35Fletching[blank][blank]
51627.03.1946White, Joyce MaryThomasField Cottage, Preston Court Farm15.0832Fletching22.07.46Brilliant child but chronic non-attendance. Of age in twoweek’s time, released on doctor’s certificate, motherin Southlands
51801.04.1946White, RobertThomasField Cottage, Preston Court Farm05.10.38Fletching[blank][blank]
55108.04.1946Hayward, StanleyParents both deceasedc/o Mrs Percy Brown, Hampden Gardens29.01.39[blank]25.06.46Parents both deceased, too troublesome for Mrs Brown to keep,sent back to home near Newick, Ministry of Pensions know?
55209.09.1946Vye, Maureen BlancheIvy (Vye) Milchert (stepfather)Preston Court Cottage26.06.41[blank]15.07.49Mr Milchert changed employment, to Pulborough
55316.09.1946Bartholomew, Elizabeth AnneJames Henry1 Malt House Cottages02.08.36Hellingly Voluntary Junior18.3.48Removal to Laughton owing to father changing employment
55416.09.1946Bartholomew, JamesJames Henry1 Malt House Cottages18.09.37Hellingly Voluntary Junior18.3.48Removal to Laughton owing to father changing employment
55516.09.1946Bartholomew, Maureen GraceJames Henry1 Malt House Cottages08.11.39Hellingly Voluntary Junior18.3.48Removal to Laughton owing to father changing employment
55617.09.1946Rowe, Joyce MaryJoyce Lois Mary (Foord)1) 6 Trevor Gardens 2) New House Farm Cottages, Firle06.11.36Court Crescent Junior, Leicester[blank][blank]
55723.09.1946Bartholomew, PamelaJames Henry1 Malt House Cottages10.11.41Hellingly Voluntary Junior18.3.48Removal to Laughton owing to father changing employment
52714.10.1946Fenner, Richard Robert PierceRobert Reginald2 Dairy Cottages16.10.39[blank]20.07.51Transferred to Ringmer
55814.01.1947White, Ronald KennethThomasField Cottages, Preston Court Farm17.01.42[blank][blank]Moved to Tilsey Cottages, Palmers Cross, Shamley Green,Guildford, later to Malkinsons Cottages, Loxwood
55914.01.1947Whitewood, Josephine AnneFrancis WilliamPolice Station, Beddingham11.02.42Nil20.12.49Parent’s request, capricious withdrawal because child nottransferred to Mountfield Road School
56020.01.1947Fosberry, GeraldAlfred JohnStream Cottage11.01.42Nil23.04.47Removal to Chailey, NSPCC case
56128.04.1947Rodney, Thomas JosephGeorge ErnestOld Farmhouse Cottages, Ringmer11.08.35Whitehill Council, Gravesend[blank][blank]
56216.06.1947Hadley, DavidTom100 Clement Road, Brondesbury Park, Willesden NW10, c/o MrsHadley, Glynde Street (aunt)27.08.41Chamberlayne Road, Willesden31.07.47Here only during mother’s confinement and convalescence
56302.09.1947Hadley, LaurenceCyril1 Hill Cottage30.08.42[blank]13.04.49Gone to live at Brighton to East Hove School, living withgrandmother, later to Lewes to live, attending Southover School,home again but still at Southover Sept 49, [info withheld]
56402.09.1947Miles, Laurence FrankNorman Neil12a Trevor Gardens08.12.42[blank][blank][blank]
56502.09.1947Quick, Delyse JaneReginald19 Trevor Gardens07.09.42[blank][blank][blank]
56602.09.1947Miller, GeoffreyGeorge WilliamWharf Cottage, Glynde07.09. 42[blank][blank][blank]
56702.09.1947Miller, ChristineReginaldc/o Mrs Netley, 25 Trevor Gardens; home address: 1 Albert Road,Uckfield08.12.41Uckfield RC15.10.47Mother recovered from illness
56802.09.1947West, Alan PercyPercy James22 Trevor Gardens23.0642[blank]30.03.50Removal to Bolney, parents separating, children with mother
56902.09.1947Ness, JenniferAlfredHampden Gardens18.12.42[blank][blank][blank]
57008.09.1947Smith, GilbertAlfred2 Sussex Terrace07.10.42[blank][blank][blank]
57120.10.1947Hill, SandraThomasStable Cottages, Glynde23.11.42Middleton Cheney School, Banbury, Oxon22.10.51Removal to Ringmer
57213.01.1948 Knight, Brian CharlesCharles Henry20 Trevor Gardens19.02.43[blank][blank][blank]
57306.04.1948Netley, GeraldErnest25 Trevor Gardens17.07.43[blank][blank][blank]
57406.04.1948Miles, Iris LilianBernard23 Trevor Gardens17.04.43[blank][blank][blank]
57531.08.1948Morgan, William Albert JohnWilliam Henry9 Trevor Gardens17.08.43[blank][blank][blank]
57607.03.1949King, Stella CarolHorace CharlesStream Cottage13.12.39Heathfield VP05.11.49Father changed employment, to Park Mead School, Upper Dicker
57721.03.1949Hill, Megan DeniseThomasStable Cottages, Glynde28.01.44[blank]22.10.51Removal to Ringmer
57828.04.1949Staton, MargaretEdwardRookery Cottages15.05.44[blank]22.09.49Moved to Shrewbury
57928.04.1949West, Barbara JoanPercy James22 Trevor Gardens15.07.44[blank]30.03.50Removal to Bolney, parents separating, children with mother
58028.04.1949Knight, Sylvia DorothyCharles Henry20 Trevor Gardens20.07.44[blank][blank][blank]
58120.06.1949Winchester, Jennifer AnnBerylDairy Cottages12.07.44Newick[blank][blank]
58204.07.1949Milner, Sonia PamelaLeonard EdwardBank Cottage, Glynde02.11.43Sidley CE School[blank][blank]
56211.07.1949Hadley, DavidTom100 Clement Road, Willesden NW10, c/o Aunt, Mrs Hadley, HomeFarm Cottages27.08.41Chamberlayne Road, NW 1017.07.49Mother recovered from illness
58313.12.1949Jinendrasa MirhamJuliusc/o Mrs Jack Banks, Bank Cottage, home address: 2 ArundelGardens, Kensington Park Road W101.05.43St Mary Abbotts, Kensington[blank]This boy was only here for a short time
58405.01.1950Bell, Carol AnnKeartonRookery Cottages28.02.45[blank][blank][blank]
58520.02.1950Nurse, Arthur PercyPercy Arthur1 Hill Cottage, Glynde15.02.45[blank][blank][blank]
58620.02.1950Powell, KentaReginald Clarence7 Trevor Gardens06.12.42Frant VP[blank][blank]
58724.04.1950Brown, AnnRobert William22 Trevor Gardens13.03.45Sussex Gardens, Brighton[blank][blank]
[Number missed out in register]

58912.06.1950West, GerlindaViolet Brown22 Trevor Gardens20.02.43Uckfield[blank]Committed to care of County Council
59004.09.1950Smith, BrianPhyllis Smith2 Sussex Terrace10.10.45[blank][blank][blank]
59104.09.1950Morgan, RosemaryEleanor9 Trevor Gardens02.12.45[blank][blank][blank]
59204.01.1951Best, Maureen Elizabeth[blank]29 Trevor Gardens28.12.45[blank][blank][blank]
59326.02.1951Boxall, Jean MargaretMrs HallDairy Cottages02.10.44Charlwood School, Surrey20.03.51Mother recovered from illness so child returned home
59409.04.1951Browne, MaureenM M BrowneNowhere Cottages31.03.40Ringmer 22.03.51Removal of parents
59509.04.1951Browne, Josephine MaryM M BrowneNowhere Cottages24.07.43Ringmer 22.03.51Removal of parents
59609.04.1951Browne, Michael DennisM M BrowneNowhere Cottages02.12.45Ringmer 22.03.51Removal of parents
59709.04.1951Small, Jennifer AnnMabel, Small3 Ranscombe Cottages29.01.46[blank][blank][blank]
59803.09.1951Bell, GordonFreda Bell2 Rookery Cottages12.12.46[blank][blank][blank]
59903.09.1951Fenner, Jill HelenRobert Fenner2 Dairy Cottages23.09.46[blank][blank][blank]
60009.09.1951Deacon, Audrey JeanArthur Deacon11 Trevor Gardens26.10.46[blank]07.12.51Removal of parents
60105.11.1951Mepham,Judith Rose[blank]Clock Tower Flat, Glynde Place30.01.44Lindfield School[blank][blank]
60205.11.1951Hannant, Patricia Rosemary[blank]Orchard Cottage18.10.45Grove House Prep School, Stratford-on-Avon28.03.52Removal of parents to Twyford
60305.11.1951Nurse, Linda JoyPercy Arthur1 Hill Cottage20.09.46[blank][blank][blank]
60407.01.1952Brown, Jillian FrancesCecil Eric7 Trevor Gardens24.03.47[blank][blank][blank]
58028.04.1952Knight, Sylvia DorothyCharles Henry20 Trevor Gardens20.07.44[blank]02.05.52Returned to mother [info withheld]
60528.04.1952Knight, Raymond KennethCharles Henry20 Trevor Gardens07.06.47[blank][blank][blank]
60605.05.1952Hooper, CharlesMiss HooperGlynde Vicarage25.09.47[blank][blank][blank]
60712.05.1952Morgan, PatriciaEleanor9 Trevor Gardens17.08.47[blank][blank][blank]

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