•  1905: Ragged Lands established•  1909: Introduction of Old Age Pension•  1912: Sinking of the Titanic•  1914: Start of 1st World War•  1916: Battle of the Somme•  1918: End of 1st World War•  1919: 1st trans-atlantic flight•  1920: League of Nations founded•  1922: Irish Free State founded•  1924: Lenin dies•  1926: General Strike•  1928: Women get the vote•  1934: Hitler assumes power in Germany•  1936: Regular BBC TV broadcasts begin•  1939: Start of 2nd World War•  1940: Dunkirk evacuation•  1941: Japanese attack Pearl Harbour•  1944: "D-Day" landings in France•  1945: End of 2nd World War•  1946: USA tests atom bomb at Bikini Island•  1947: Sound Barrier broken•  1948: NHS founded•  1950: Korean War starts•  1951: Suez "Crisis"•  1953: Queen Elizabeth II crowned•  1954: Bannister runs 1st 4 minute mile•  1955: Glynde Place opened to the public•  1955: ITV starts broadcasting

Glynde Church of England School admission register, 1930-1945


No.AdmittedNameParent or GuardianAddressDobLast schoolLast attendanceCause of leaving
31917.03.1930Howard, John NormanJames RidgewellLittledene05.12.24[blank]02.10.36Left district, to Crowborough
32029.04.1930Chatfield, Gerald HenryDavidOld Vicarage Cottages14.02.25[blank]12.06.31Left the district
32129.04.1930Knight, RaymondWalter34 Trevor Gardens14.02.25[blank]03.04.39Exempt
32229.04.1930Pilbeam, WilliamErnest12 Trevor Gardens28.01.25[blank]31.01.38Ordered by Dr to be in open air later on was in hospital. Doesnot seem likely to return
32312.05.1930Avis, JeanLouisaHampden Gardens14.10.23Connaught Road, Hove31.07.30Returned to Hove
32411.06.1930Todd, JackDorisHampden Gardens09.06.25[blank]31.07.39of age
32508.09.1930Humphrey, LeonardJessieGlynde Hill23.08.25[blank]06.05.37Temporarily at Watford at school during mother’s illness
32608.09.1930Turner, Herbert CAlice32 Trevor Gardens21.06.25[blank]26.07.39Of age
32708.09.1930Burgess, MargaretGodfreySussex Terrace09.11.23Beddingham27.11.31Left district with mother
32806.01.1931Kitchen, Vera ElizabethElizabeth4 Malthouse Cottages03.11.25[blank]11.09.36Left district
29314.04.1931Coleman, StellaSydney[blank]22.09.22Steyning23.12.36Exempt
32907.09.1931Hutson, Cyril FrankFrankBrigden’s Farm06.09.26[blank]20.12.40Of age
33007.09.1931Kendrew, Mary LilianThomasThatched Cottage23.08.26[blank]28.07.38Left to enter Lewes Secondary School
33107.09.1931Lusted, GeoffreyWilliamSt Thomas’ Cottages08.08.26[blank]03.09.37Left to attend Lewes Secondary School
33209.11.1931Funnel, JoanMrs Hooper10 Trevor Gardens07.12.21Wilmington School22.12.31Returned home
33309.11.1931Funnel, RubyMrs Hooper10 Trevor Gardens11.06.23Wilmington School22.12.31Returned home
33409.11.1931Gaston, Eleanor ElizabethDorothy9 Trevor Gardens09.09.26[blank]20.12.40Of age
33505.01.1932Diplock, LeonardEdith29 Trevor Gardens20.11.26[blank]20.12.40Of age
33601.03.1932Pocock, Donald ReginaldReginaldThe Forge, Glynde11.04.23West Firle07.05.37Exempt
33715.03.1932Wills, VeraMrs HumphreyGlynde Hill02.06.24Garston School, Watford18.03.32Returned home
33805.04.1932Andrews, Jean RosalindAndrewSussex Terrace12.03.27[blank]09.02.34Left the district
33905.04.1932Miles, Elsie JoyceMauriceOld Vicarage Cottages23.03.27[blank]09.04.41Exempt
34005.04.1932Tasker, Elizabeth RoseHarryStep Cottages [crossed through]15 Trevor Gardens15.02.27[blank]09.04.41Exempt
34130.08.1932Knight, K NancyWalter34 Trevor Gardens18.06.27[blank]01.08.41Exempt
34212.09.1932Turner, K VictorAlice32 Trevor Gardens10.09.27[blank]19.12.41Exempt
32703.10.1932Burgess, Margaret GoreGodfreySussex Terrace09.11.23Poynings CE23.12.37Exempt
26805.12.1932Edwards, EthelHarryGlyndebourne22.10.19Laughton School22.12.33Exempt
34310.01.1933Tasker, RaymondCharlesHampden Gardens10.12.27[blank]09.12.41Exempt
34401.03.1933Eade, Angela VivienneLois AnnaPreston Court22.06.27Hastings St Mary in the Castle12.04.33Returned home
32305.04.1933Avis, JeanLouisaHampden Gardens14.10.23East Hove Junior School22.12.33Returned home
34525.04.1933Miller, ReginaldGeorge18 Trevor Gardens24.05.20Selmeston CE02.08.34Exempt
34625.04.1933Hall, Iris(Miss) Ruth May Strivens30 Trevor Gardens26.07.21Evelyn House, Lewes31.07.35Exempt
34701.05.1935Coleman, EvelynSydneySt Thomas’ Cottages28.04.28[blank]06.10.33Went to relative at Steyning
34807.06.1933Moorey, RonaldThomasHampden Gardens09.06.28[blank]31.07.42Exempt
34929.01.1934Holding, Frank JGeorgeSpring Gardens29.09.23Beddingham23.12.37Exempt
35029.01.1934Tasker, GeorgeHarryStep Cottages [crossed through]15 Trevor Gardens24.01.29[blank]19.02.43Allowed to leave in middle of term owing to war conditions
35110.04.1934Beech, Kenneth AlfredAlfred20 Trevor Gardens08.03.29[blank]05.03.43Exempt
34721.03.1934Coleman, EvelynSydneySt Thomas’ Cottages28.04.28[blank]28.10.36Moved
35211.06.1934Hales, Charles[blank]Preston Court Cottages20.12.28Firle CE22.06.34Returned home
35323.05.1934Todd, MaryDorisHampden Gardens07.05.29[blank]30.08.40To Lewes Secondary School
35405.09.1934Packham, PamelaEllenThe Laceys29.08.29[blank]31.07.42With bursary to the Gregg School, Brighton
35530.04.1935Miles, RoyMauriceVicarage Cottages13.02.30[blank]18.02.44Of age
35630.04.1935Freeman, William JohnThomasThe Laceys11.02.30[blank]05.04.44Of age, apprenticed, Ringmer Building Works
35730.04.1935Yallop, ErnestErnestGlyndebourne Farm17.01.29Graffham CE, Petworth08.04.3Returned home
35824.06.1935Banks, HazelGeorge4 Littledene Cottages29.09.26Wivelsfield CE12.07.35Returned to Wivelsfield
35903.09.1935Ball, RitaSidney24 Trevor Gardens08.07.25Midhurst CE08.04.36Removed to Cosham
36003.09.1935Ball, GladysSidney24 Trevor Gardens27.01.29Midhurst CE08.04.36Removed to Cosham
36103.09.1935Coleman, Anthony JamesSydneyGlynde21.07.30[blank]13.11.36Removed to Seaford
36203.09.935Beech, Donald ColinAlfred20 Trevor Gardens [crossed through] Hampden Gardens26.08.30[blank]04.08.44Of age
36307.1.1936Knight, Eric Leslie JamesWalter34 Trevor Gardens16.10.30[blank]15.12.44Of age
36421.04.1936Foord, Leslie GeorgeThomas George22 Trevor Gardens08.04.31[blank]28.03.45Of age
36507.07.1936Perkins, June CecilyCharles Edward5 Spring Gardens21.03.29White Hart Lane, Wood Green, N London24.07.36Returned home
36631.08.1936Hall, John MayesGeorge1 St Thomas’ Cottages24.06.31[blank]01.08.41Left to Lewes County School
36713.10.1936Sharp, BertramArthur16 Trevor Gardens16.05.30Malling Street, Lewes24,03,37Mother here to mind parents for a time – then returned toLewes
36823.11.1936Percy, Ethel MayFrank Richard Arthur3 Trevor Gardens02.05.27Western Road, Lewes19.10.41Unable to remain for extra year as she wished owing to illness(diabetes)
36906.01.1937Freeman, Mary GwynnethThomasEastern Cottage, Mill Plane, Ringmer04.10.31[blank]04.08.44Transferred to Ringmer School, nearer home
37013.01.1937Small, Harold ReginaldCharles John1 Ranscombe Cottages09.04.25Beddingham05.04.39Came owing to closure of Beddingham School, left here of age
37113.01.1937Small, Jack Leslie GordonCharles John1 Ranscombe Cottages01.12.23Beddingham23.12.37Exempt
37213.01.1937Bridger, Raymond GeorgeWalterBank Cottage, Beddingham09.11.23Beddingham23.12.37Exempt
37313.01,1937Bridger, Olive LydiaWalterBank Cottage, Beddingham25.07.25Beddingham06.05.37Transferred to West Firle. Malnourished, not strong enough towalk distance. Bus to Firle
37414.01.1937Phipps, Eileen MayFrederickBarber’s Corner, Beddingham30.09.24Beddingham04.06.37Transferred to West Firle. Malnourished, not strong enough towalk distance. Bus to Firle
37506.01.1937Clayton, Ann LucilleDouglas24 Trevor Gardens26.11.31[blank]20.07.37and27.7.45Excluded temporarily from school by Drs orders.To Gregg School
37601.02.1937Preston, Patricia PamelaHarry4 Ranscombe Cottages12.07.24Beddingham04.06.37Removal to Gloucestershire
37701.02.1937Preston, Elsie RoseHarry4 Ranscombe Cottages02.01.26Beddingham07.06.37Removal to Gloucestershire
37801.02.1937Sergent, Jean MargaretHarryBeddingham Crossing24.03.30Beddingham24.03.37Removal to Gloucestershire
37908.02.1937Russell, JohnLeonardBushy Lodge Cottage, Firle08.12.31Firle19.02.37Returned to Firle, spending a short time with friends at Glynde
38006.04.1937Loveless, Harold Edward CharlesHarold Edward2 Ranscombe Cottages07.02.32None31.07.42To school at Malling (nearer)
38106.04.1937Tompsett, Alan JohnElizabethStation Farm19.07.31Chiddngly09.09.38Return to Chiddingly, temporarily at Glynde following father’sdeath
38208.02.1937Preston, Harold WilliamHarry4 Ranscombe Cottages25.09.28Beddingham (closed)08.06.37Removal to Gloucestershire
38319.04.1937Message, Colin StanleyArchibaldSt Thomas’ Cottages10.02.32[blank]29.07.43Gained scholarship to Boys County School
30514.07.1937Humphrey, William GeorgeWilliamGlynde Hill23.01.24Leggatt’s Way Senior Boys, Watford13.04.38Of age
32531.08.1937Humphrey, LeonardWilliamGlynde Hill23.08.25Leggatt’s Way Senior Boys, Watford28.07.39Of age
38431.08.1937Frost, Amos HenryAlbertNeaves Lane, Ringmer07.09.24Yapton23.12.38Of age
38531.08.1937Quick, Pamela EdithReginaldGrape Vine cottage [crossed through] 19 Trevor Gardens16.07.32[blank]27.7.45To Gregg School
36722.10.1937Sharp, BertramArthur16 Trevor Gardens16.05.30South Malling Junior10.12.37Grandmother died, mother returned temporarily, returned toMalling
38611.01.1938Freeman, IvorThomasThe Laceys09.01.33[blank]04.09.44Removed to Mill Plane, Ringmer, transferred to Ringmer School
38711.01.1938Small, LeslieJames3 Ranscombe Cottages21.12.32[blank]28.03.45I sent him to Mountfield Road Senior (Modern) School –eligible by residence. Good pupil, worthy of modern Secondaryeducation
37907.02.1938Russell, JohnLeonardStream Cottage08.12.31Firle12.04.40Family moved to West Sussex, nr Worthing
38807.02.1938Russell, Dorothy MaudLeonardStream, Cottage01.07.30Firle12.04.40Family moved to West Sussex, nr Worthing
38926.04.1938Green, Dennis FrederickFred Douglas16 Trevor Gardens09.09.28Western Road, Lewes17.06.40Moved to be near father (RNR), Havant and Bognor
39026.04.1938Burgess, Hilary Florence GoreGodfrey3 Sussex Terrace26.02.33[blank]05.12.40Mother teaching away from home – taking child with her
39126.04.1938Turner, Derek NeilMaurice William8 Trevor Gardens03.03.33[blank]03.08.44Awarded special place at County School
39208.06.1938Harman, Joan OliveErnestGlyndebourne Farm03.04.33[blank]18.11.43West Street Farm, Gunn Hill, Horam
39330.08.1938Stredwick, MichaelWilliam George2 Spring Gardens15.07.33[blank]03.08.44Awarded special place at County School
39430.08.1938Bishop, JuneWilliam GeorgeHome Farm09.06.33[blank]17.10.41Moved to Angmering
39512.09.1938Perkins, Colin FrederickCharles Edward15 Croxford Gardens, Wood Green, N22 and 5 Spring Gardens03.08.30White Hart Lane, Wood Green16.09.38Return to London, after grandfather’s funeral
36512.09.1938Perkins, June CecilyCharles Edward15 Croxford Gardens, Wood Green, N22 and 5 Spring Gardens21.03.29White Hart Lane, Wood Green16.09.38Return to London, after grandfather’s funeral
39612.09.1938Smissen, BarbaraErnestLake Cottage16.08.29Ringmer29.07.43Of age
39712.09.1938Smissen, PoppyErnestLake Cottage11.11.26Ringmer20.12.40Of age (won a scholarship but did not take it up)
39819.09.1938Andrews, MargaretWilliamGlynde Hill02.06.32Latham Road, East Ham28.10.38Returned to London
39910.01.1939Stedman, Peter JohnRobertc/o Mrs Brockhurst, Trevor Gardens03.01.34[blank]16.02.46Foster parents removed to Potters Arms, Lower Dicker
40010.01.1939Lewis, Gwendoline AudreyEdward James4 Spring Gardens23.10.33[blank]05.04.39Died during Easter holidays (TB)
40110.01.1939Foord, Stanley ArthurThomas GeorgeBank Cottages [crossed through] 22 Trevor Gardens20.09.33[blank]23.12.43Mother ill – younger children sent to Shoreham House
40218.04.1939Gaston, Albert Richard MauriceAlbert Ernest9 Trevor Gardens01.03.34[blank]13.02.48Transferred with other seniors to Firle VP School
40318.04.1939Pocock, Doreen HazelReginaldThe Forge21.03.34[blank]04.08.44Temporarily at Rochdale (not very well)
40413.06.1939Stamp, Douglas AlfredAlfredPreston Court Farm22.05.34[blank]22.06.39Transferred to Firle School (owing to distance)
36529.08.1939Perkins, June CecilyEdith Margaret5 Spring Gardens21.03.29White Hart Lane, Wood Green30.10.39Re-billetted in Lewes, here for crisis
39529.08.1939Perkins, Colin FrederickEdith Margaret5 Spring Gardens08.08.30White Hart Lane, Wood Green30.10.39
40529.08.1939Perkins, Sybil DorothyEdith Margaret5 Spring Gardens25.08.34[blank]31.08.39Moved to Lewes with their mother, here for crisis
40629.08.1939Perkins, Cyril WilfredEdith Margaret5 Spring Gardens13.08.32White Hart Lane, Wood Green31.08.39Moved to Lewes with their mother, here for crisis
40729.08.1939Perkins, Beryl EdithEdith Margaret5 Spring Gardens09.04.27Noel Park School31.10.39Re-billetted in Lewes where their mother is, here for crisis
40829.08.1939Morse, Marjorie JoanFrederick James15 Trevor Gardens24.07.26Penn Central School, Upper Norwood26.09.40Of age, here for crisis
40929.08.1939Morse, Frederick HarryFrederick James15 Trevor Gardens28.11.31Anerley JM30.05.41Returned to parents in London, aunt found him too troublesome
41029.08.1939Hall, Philip GeorgeGeorge3 Dairy Cottages01.06.34[blank]03.08.44Attending County School
41129.08.1939Small, Robin WalterJames Edwin3 Ranscombe Cottages29.08.34[blank]27.07.45Eligible by residence, to Malling School which transfersseniors to Mountfield Road Modern. Not the standard!
41229.08.1939White, Norman
at Dedman’s, Hampden GardensNot ascertainedNot known29.09.39Father had charge of child [info withheld] and paid for him –then had him back to London
41318.09.1939Eagles, John
The Forge15.01.32Swaffield Road Junior, Wandsworth26.07.40[blank]
41418.09.1939Burdett, John
at Glyndebourne31.08.34[blank]14.06.40Billeted privately, attending Ringmer School
41518.09.1939Stevens, Angela MaryKinrossc/o Mrs Barker (grandmother),Rambler Cottage07.06.32Private School, Hampton15.12.39Returned to parents
41618.09.1939Eldridge, Marilyn GladysJim Charles Griffin12 Warren Road, Cricklewood, NW2, c/o Mrs Brown, HampdenGardens05.05.34Bramtcroft Infants, Willesden)12.04.40Returned to Londo with mother, evacuated to relative here (see421)
41718.09.1939Oakley, Joan
at Glyndebourne28.01.334Friern Road, Peckham14.06.40Billeted privately, attending Ringmer School
41818.09.1939Burdett, Amelia
at Glyndebourne24.04.33UGS Nursery14.06.40Billeted privately, attending Ringmer School
41918.09.1939Webber, Rita
at Glyndebourne06.10.33UGS Nursery22.10.39Returned to mother (at Eastbourne?)
42018.09.1939Wood, Hazel
at Glyndebourne14.05.34UGS Nursery22.09.39Returned to London
42118.09.1939Eldridge, Jim Thomas WilliamJim Charles Griffin12 Warren Road, Cricklewood, NW2, c/o Mrs Brown, HampdenGardens31.10.30Brantcroft Junior, Willesden12.04.40Evacuated to relatives (instead of with school) with mother andbaby owing to boy’s ill health. Returned to London afterwards
42218.09.1939Stevens, BerylAlbert Walterc/o Mrs Fuller, 3 St Thomas’ Cottages28.03.28West Firle27.03.41Understood to be going to mother at Banbury. Won a scholarshipbut did not take it up.
42319.09.1939Perkins, Roy Charles RobertEdith Margaretc/o Mrs Newham, 5 Spring Gardens27.10.25Trinity County School, Wood green31.10.39Re-billetted in Lewes, attending Lewes County School
42409.01.1940Cornwall, TerenceWilliam Cornwall8 Westerfield Gardens, SE 15, Peckham, at Glyndebourne19.10.34[blank]14.06.40Billeted privately, attending Ringmer School
42509.01.1940Freeman, RuthThomasThe Laceys [crossed through], Eastern Cottage, Mill Plain,Ringmer18.10.34[blank]03.07.44Transferred to Ringmer School
42609.01.1940Russell, Sheila AnnLeonardStream Cottage11.09.34[blank]12.04.40Removed to West Sussex, near Worthing
42702.04.1940Reed, Edmund LeonardLeonard12a Trevor Gardens21.10.27Staplefield CE, Haywards Heath24.05.40Family moved to Firle, father changed employer
42802.04.1940Reed, Cecil KennethLeonard12a Trevor Gardens29.09.33Staplefield CE, Haywards Heath24.05.40Family moved to Firle, father changed employer
42902.04.1940Reed, Betty NaomiLeonard12a Trevor Gardens06.11.34Staplefield CE, Haywards Heath24.05.40Family moved to Firle, father changed employer
43002.04.1940Tothill, Albert
68 Peckham Rye, SE 22, at Glyndebourne20.03.35UGS Nursery School14.06.40Billeted privately, attending Ringmer School
43102.04.1940Wetherage, Edna
78 Marmont Road, Peckham, SE 15, at Glyndebourne02.02.35UGS Nursery School14.06.40Billeted privately, attending Ringmer School
43229.04.1940Barclay, Joan DoreenJohn WilliamStream Cottage28.08.33Stonegate, near Tunbridge Wells26.02.41On roll till 22.04.41 (whooping cough). Said to have returnedto Tunbridge Wells district for father’s employment.
43315.05.1940Hoddinott, Frederick George EmundFrederick GeorgeGlyndebourne Farm15.01.35[blank]08.10.43Moved to Lewes, later to Ardingly
43403.06.1940Mills, Edgar EdmundArthurc/o Mrs Message, 2 St Thomas’ Cottages and 57[illegible], Newham Park06.05.32St Philip’s, Eastbourne19.12.41Gone to Boarding School at Leigh on Sea
43517.06.1940Pelling, SylviaGordon13 Trevor Gardens23.09.33Polegate Infants04.10.40Father changed employment – to Hailsham
43622.07.1940Hutson, Anne ElizabethJames1 St Thomas’ Cottages12.11.34Newhaven South Road Infants21.02.41Father obtained work at Brighton. Family moved here to joingrandfather’s household for duration of war
43722.07.1940Hutson, JohnJames1 St Thomas’ Cottages30.09.29Meeching Road Boys24.02.41Father obtained work at Brighton. Family moved here to joingrandfather’s household for duration of war
43826.08.1940Barber, Jean MaryFrederick Henry5 Spring Gardens15.11.31Pells Junior13.09.40Father not called up as expected so returned to Lewes
43926.08.1940Lewis, William JamesEdward James4 Spring Gardens16.05.35[blank]07.47To Lewes Secondary Modern, Mountfield Road
44026.08.1940Lodge, PeterCharles Henry12a Trevor Gardens07.03.35Hampden Park Infants13.09.40Inhabitants of this district evacuated to Gloucestershire
44126.08.1940Warren, Peter JamesEdward ErnestAnywhere, Glyndebourne05.05.35[blank]08.10.40To Ditchling
44202.09.1940Quick, Ronald Alfred WilliamAlfred WilliamOld House Cottage, Moor Lane20.02.30Ringmer Mixed27.09.43Family moved to Plumpton
44309.09.1940Starnes, Hugh AnthonyFrank13 Brooklyn Avenue, South Norwood18.08.28Portland Road Senior Boys, South Norwood22.11.40Was only temporarily here till finally settled, paid for atLewes County Secondary School
44416.09.1940Hayward, Sheila IreneHorace90 Stafford Road (ESCC), Seaford, at Lake Cottage24.10.29Seaford Junior Mixed20.09.40Returned to Seaford
44514.10.1940Prevett, JohnFrankBerwick Station06.04.33Braughton House (Private), Lewes29.05.42Father promoted to Woldingham Station, Surrey
44614.10.1940Prevett, PeterFrankBerwick Station06.04.33Braughton House (Private), Lewes29.05.42Father promoted to Woldingham Station, Surrey
44714.10.1940Best, StellaWalter28 Trevor Gardens16.09.33Ringmer13.02.48Transferred with other seniors to West Firle VP School
44804.11.1940Taylor, Margaret EdnaJohnPreston Court Farm08.03.34Heighton Infants14.03.41Father left employment
44907.01.1941Caunce, Margaret NinaThomasWakelands Farm Cottage, Ringmer26.09.31Ringmer29.07.43Gained scholarship to Girls County School
45007.01.1941Clayton, Anthony DouglasDouglas24 Trevor Gardens26.09.35[blank]28.04.43Excluded, suspected TB, operation appending
45113.01.1941Freeman, Margaret EirwenThomasThe Laceys [crossed through], Eastern Cottage, Mill Plane,Glyndebourne04.01.36[blank]03.08.44Transferred to Ringmer School, nearer home
45213.01.1941Andrews, Patricia roseHorace45 Tilton Street, Fulham, London, now at Heaswood Cottage,Brighton Road, Haywards Heath09.03.34Lillie Road, Fulham, now at Co-operative Hall, Haywards Heath29.01.41Returned to Haywards Heath, on a short holiday here
45301.09.1941Andrews, JohnWilliamLittledene, formerly 108 Baron Road, Dagenham, Essex29.06.34Green Lanes School, Dagenham26.11.41Returned home to mother at Dagenham
45401.09.1941Short, Kitty RoseJohn JosephStream Cottage15.08.35[blank]08.05.42Family moved away
45501.09.1941Banfield, John RogerOswaldNowhere, Glyndebourne [crossed through], Preston Court28.12.29West Dean31.07.42Family moved to Laughton
45601.09.1941Izzard, Henry ??????The Caravan, Glyndebourne27.09.35Altered on birth certificate to [3]4, alteration very obvious,must be 35 or earlier13.02.48Transferred to West Firle School with other seniors, Mrs Gastonsays he was born before Albert, ie in 1933
45701.09.1941Fowler, Gillian RachelJohn CecilGlynde Gardens21.04.34Glyne Hurst, Bexhill12.05.44Returned to Glyne Hurst, boarding school, now back at Bexhill
45801.09.1941Fowler, Peter JohnJohn CecilGlynde Gardens14.08.32Glyne Hurst, Bexhill24.04.42To Ardingly College
45901.09.1941Small, CharlesJames Edwin3 Ranscombe Cottages21.06.36[blank]21.12.45To Malling School (residing in that parish have chance of aModern School)
41709.09.1941Oakley, Joan
c/o Mrs J Lusted, Glynde Street28.01.33Ringmer10.10.41Transferred to LCC party in Village Hall
46022.09.1941Penny, Dorothy HopeGilbert JohnPreston Court Cottages08.11.30Selmeston31.07.42Lewes County School. Won a scholarship
46122.09.1941Penny, Esther HazelGilbert JohnPreston Court Cottages01.03.33Selmeston08.03.44Moved to Lewes
46213.10.41Spears, Marion JanetHerbertc/o grandmother, the Forge, Glynde, 24 Ashford Square, (1 NorthAvenue, Old town) Eastbourne21.03.33Holy Trinity, Eastbourne17.04.42Returned to Eastbourne (Bourne School)
46313.10.1941Ireland, John FrederickFrederick JohnHome Farm Cottages19.03.35West Wittering29.10.43Removed
46406.01.1942Caunce, EdwardThomas LeonardWakelands Farm Cottage, Ringmar23.09.36[blank]09.49Promoted to Ringmer School (nearer than Firle)
46506.01.1942Foord, Charles HenryThomas George22 Trevor Gardens14.10.36[blank]23.12.43Mother ill – younger child sent to a Home at Shoreham
39006.01.1942Burgess, Hilary Florence GoreGodfrey3 Sussex Terrace26.02.33[blank]31.07.42To Pells School, Lewes (domestic circumstances)
46614.04.1942Elphick, Irene May
Nowhere, Glyndebourne01.02.29Westham Senior Girls, near Eastbourne23.10.42Father’s employment to near Haywards Heath
46714.04.1942Elphick, Pearl Mabel
Nowhere, Glyndebourne25.08.30Hankham, near Eastbourne22.10.42Father’s employment to near Haywards Heath
46814.04.1942Digweed, RosemaryDouglasc/o Mrs Littlechild, Glynde03.01.33St Ann’s, Lewes24.04.42Here with grandmother while mother in nursing home
46927.05.1942Warren, Barbara JoyceEdward ErnestAnywhere, Glyndebourne27.04.37[blank]08.10.43To Ditchling
47027.05.1942Miles, Jean IreneNorman12a Trevor Gardens27.04.37[blank][blank][blank]
47107.09.1942Ireland, AnneFrederick JohnHome Farm Cottages13.06.37[blank]29.10.43Father’s employment changed
47207.09.1942Wiggins, EvelynEdithc/o Mrs Quick, 90 (sic) Trevor Gardens16.08.35Ringmer Infants30.09.42Returned to Ringmer
47328.09.1942Heath, Frederick HenryCharles FrederickPreston Court Farm Cottages14.05.33Chiddingstone Heath, Edenbridge15.01.43Father changed employment, moved to Mark Beach near Edenbridge
47428.09.1942Heath, Brian JohnCharles FrederickPreston Court Farm Cottages24.04.36Chiddingstone Heath, Edenbridge15.01.43Father changed employment, moved to Mark Beach near Edenbridge
47526.10.1942Pullen, Patricia LaviniaHenry Thomas9 Trevor Gardens08.10.31Childeric Road LCC, at Glynde Place30.10.31Left Glynde suddenly, presumably to London
47626.10.1942Pullen, RoyHenry Thomas9 Trevor Gardens22.03.35Childeric Road LCC, at the reading Room, Beddingham30.10.31Left Glynde suddenly, presumably to London
47719.01.1943Freeman, June EileenEileenc/o Mrs Fred Taylor (aunt), 17 Trevor Gardens27.03.32All Saints, Putney04.05.43Ill in hospital – nervous trouble consequence experiencein Blitz
47822.02.1943Jones, Brian JohnCharles Laurenceat Mrs Miles, 12a Trevor Gardens15.08.37Hartley, Dartford21.04.43Mother returned to former home at Hartley
47905.04.1943Mason, Nelson Thomas EdwardLawrence Edward Springfield Cottage, Beddingham10.08.34Billington, Leighton Buzzard, Beds25.06.43Moved to Bepton, Midhurst, father changed employment
48004.05.1943Newham, Ivy PearlHarry Edward5 Spring Gardens17.03.38[blank]16.09.49Gone to Mountfield Road Secondary Modern
48104.05.1943Whitewood, Sylvia FrancesFrancis WilliamPolice Station, Beddingham23.01.38[blank]24.02.44Mother temporarily to Lewes – owing to air-raids
48204.05.1943Freeman, Olwen JuliaThomasEastern Cottage, Mill Plain, Ringmer18.04.38[blank]03.02.44Transferred to Ringmer School, nearer home
48304.05.1943Quick, RoyReginald William19 Trevor Gardens06.03.38[blank][blank][blank]
48416.06.1943Taylor, Ronald DennisFlorencec/o Mrs Brockhurst, Trevor Gardens06.02.33Childeric Road at Glynde Place01.02.46Brockhurst family have moved to Upper Dicker, Potters Arms
48516.06.1943Taylor, PearlFlorencec/o Mrs C Turner, 32 Trevor Gardens; home address, Mrs Read, 75Pagnall Street, SE 1430.09.34Childric Road at Glynde Place11.09.47Adopted by Mrs Akers, Hurstley, Criers Lane, Five Ashes
48616.06.1943Redhead, Donald[blank]c/o Mrs Percy Brown, Hampden Gardens, father in RAF, Driffield,Yorks13.01.37Glyndebourne Nursery to Glynde Place28.11.44[blank]
48716.06.1943Redhead, Diana[blank]c/o Mrs Percy Brown, Hampden Gardens, father in RAF, Driffield,Yorks15.09.35Glyndebourne Nursery to Glynde Place28.11.44[blank]
48816.06.1943Ketch, Kathleen[blank]c/o Mrs Diplock, 29 Trevor Gardens; home address: 4 KerfieldCrescent, Camberwell Green22.03.37Glyndebourne Nursery to Glynde Place15.10.43
48916.06.1943Levy, Muriel[blank]c/o Mrs Best, 28 Trevor Gardens; home address: 44 Great House,Tanswell Estate,Waterloo Road03.10.37Glyndebourne Nursery to Glynde Place11.05.45Returned home at end of War in Europe
49016.06.1943Maccarragh, Dena[blank]c/o Mrs Diplock, 29 Trevor Gardens; home address: 5 CavendishPlace, South Side, SW 1402.05.37Glyndebourne Nursery to Glynde Place27.07.45Home to Clapham with mother
49121.06.1943Featherstone, Lawrence[blank]c/o Mrs Hooper, 21 Trevor Gardens; home address: 103 OrchardRise West, Sidcup19.10.33Childeric Road, LCC, at Glynde Place17.05.45Returned home at end of War in Europe
49222.06.1943Taylor, BettyFlorencec/o Mrs C Turner, 32 Trevor Gardens; home address: 75 PagnallStreet, SE 1425.05.30Childeric Road, LCC, at Glynde Place29.07.43Home to mother
49319.07.1943Bruce, Robert MalcolmRex DonaldLittledene01.03.34Bidborough, Kent07.06.46Father’s work
49419.07.1943Bruce, JeanRex DonaldLittledene07.09.36Bidborough, Kent07.06.46Father’s work
49519.07.1943Bruce, DianneRex DonaldLittledene11.02.38Bidborough, Kent07.06.46Father’s work
49631.08.1943Gravett, RobertErnest William6 Spring Gardens22.08.38[blank]04.07.50Lewes Grammar School
49731.08.1943Miller, Susan MaryGeorge WilliamWharf Cottage16.06.38[blank]16.09.49Transferred to Mountfield Road Modern School
49831.08.1943Freman, Julian GeorgeGeorge1 Sussex Terrace20.08.38[blank]20.12.49Withdrawal to Firle, reason not stated
49931.08.1943Foord, Kathleen Ann, readmitted 10.04.1945Thomas George22 Trevor Gardens12.08.38[blank]23.12.4305.04.46Mother’s illness, younger children to Home at Shoreham
49213.09.1943Taylor, BettyFlorencec/o Mrs C Turner, 32 Trevor Gardens; home address: 75 PagnallStreet, SE 1425.05.30Re-admitted25.05.44Of age, returned to London to grandmother
50027.09.1943Elliott, Shirley ElizabethElizabethc/o Mrs Hutson, Brigdens18.02.35Uckfield Parochial13.02.48Transferred with the seniors to West Firle VP school
50104.10.1943Carter, Alan ErnestPercyPreston Court Farm Cottages09.06.31Goudhurst CE05.11.43Moved owing to bad conditions of cottages
50211.10.1940Shannon, HarryHarryc/o Mrs Pilbeam, Trevor Gardens19.06.38Butts CE Mission, Leigh, Lancs22.10.43[blank]
50319.10.1943Jarvis, Joan RosemaryGeorge EdwardGlyndebourne Farm Cottage30.09.33Ditchling CE29.09.44Father’s employment changed, to Fletching
50416.11.1943Featherstone, PriscillaPercyc/o Mrs Stredwick, 2 Spring Gardens; home address: 103 OrchardRise West, Sidcup04.09.35Crellow House Hostel, St Stithians, Cornwall17.05.45Returned home at end of War in Europe
50522.11.1943Hedges, RaymondArthurc/o Mrs McLaren, 18 Trevor Gardens; home address: 33 SherwoodRoad, Seaford03.06.33Seaford Junior Mixed28.02.44Ran away from grandmother’s care – or turned out?On probation – improved greatly in school
50629.11.1943Butler, Patricia MayWilliam FrankThatched Cottage (grandmother)12.05.36Pells School, Lewes10.12.43Returned to Lewes, left with grandmother.
50729.11.1943Butler, Marie JuneWilliam FrankThatched Cottage (grandmother)19.06.37Pells School, Lewes10.12.43Returned to Lewes, left with grandmother.
50811.01.1944Ness, BrianAlfredHampden Gardens03.12.38
27.07.51Transferred to Firle
50911.01.1944Mainwood, GeorgeCharles GeorgeField Cottage, Preston Court25.09.38
21.02.44Gone away during mother's illness
51011.01.1944Clayton, RogerDouglas24 Trevor Gardens08.10.38
?.12.49Of age transferred to Firle
51112.01.1944Powell, EdwardPeterGlyndebourne Farm Cottages06.02.32Shamley Green, near Guildford06.06.44Father changed employment
51231.01.1944Jackson, NormanAlbertLow Road, Hunslet, Leeds, c/o 18 Trevor Gardens04.08.38Low road School, Hunslet18.02.44Here on 2 weeks holiday on mother’s account (factoryworker)
51306.03.1944Powell, MargaretPeterGlyndebourne Farm Cottages10.08.34Shamley Green (got one month)15.03.44[info withheld], family moved when father changed employment
51418.04.1944Miles, Mildred JoanNorman12a Trevor Gardens18.04.39[blank]06.09.50Entered Lewes Secondary Modern School for which application wasmade in May
48118.04.1944Whitewood, SylviaFrancis WilliamPolice Station, Beddingham23.01.38Re-admission20.12.49Capricious withdrawal – bad feeling because companionsSusan Miller and Ivy Newham succeeded in gaining admission toMountfield Road School?
51518.04.1944Wicks, RoslynHerbertc/o grandmother, Mrs Chandler, Wheelwright’s Cottage07.03.39Malling Street, Lewes28.04.44Here on holiday
51602.05.1944White, Joyce MaryThomas3 Littledene Cottages [crossed through], moved to Anywhere,Glyndebourne Corner [crossed through], Preston Court15.08.32Selmeston CE05.10.45Removal to Fletching
51702.05.1944White, Michael AlbertThomas3 Littledene Cottages [crossed through]01.05.35Selmeston CE11.10.45Removal to Fletching
51802.05.1944White, RobertThomas3 Littledene Cottages [crossed through]05.10.38Selmeston CE11.10.45Removal to Fletching
51913.06.1944Fosberry, Joyce FlorenceAlfred JohnStream Cottage01.07.37Herstmonceux15.06.44Moving. Removed from parents’ care to a home(prosecution)
45027.06.1944Clayton, Anthony DouglasDouglas24 Trevor Gardens26.09.35Re-admitted20.12.47Transferred on teachers and doctors recommendations toMountfield Road Modern Secondary School
52005.09.1944Richards, VictoriaJamesFurlongs09.06.38Haverstock Hill Infants (LCC), Chalk Farm,28.02.46Mother returning to London to live, 122 Adelaide Road, NW3
52105.09.1944Richards, Angus JamesJamesFurlongs17.08.39Chalk Farm (Nursery Class)28.02.46Mother returning to London to live, 122 Adelaide Road, NW3
46805.09.1944Digweed, RosemaryDouglasc/o Mrs Littlechild, Glynde03.01.37St Anne’s, Lewes22.12.44[blank]
51909.10.1944Fosberry, Joyce FlorenceAlfred JohnStream Cottage01.07.37Re-admission28.03.45Excluded by Nurse’s orders, taken off roll because oflong absence
52209.10.1944Fosberry, StellaAlfred JohnStream Cottage08.07.39[blank]28.03.45Excluded by Nurse’s orders, taken off roll because oflong absence
52307.11.1944Hales, James HenryJohn HenryGlyndebourne Farm Cottages11.03.33Wootton, Surrey01.12.44Taken off roll, away so long (3 months). Accident to foot athome, taken to hospital
52407.11.1944Haseman, Gerald ArthurGeorgec/o Mrs Moorey, Hampden Gardens; 496 Ripple Road, Barking01.02.37Eastbury School, Barking22.12.44[blank]
52513.11.1944Hales, Michael DennisJohn HenryGlyndebourne Farm Cottages07.06.38Wootton, Surrey11.05.45Supposed to be ill. Afterwards supposed to be leaving district.Re-admitted later
52615.11.1944Knight, AudreyCharles Henry20 Trevor Gardens19.02.39Malling Street, Lewes27.07.51Transferred to St Anne’s Special School, Lewes
40304.12.1944Pocock, Doreen HazelReginaldThe Forge21.03.34Brimrod Junior, Rochdale27.07.45To Modern School, Lewes, by examination
52709.01.1945Fenner, Richard Robert PierceRobert Reginald2 Dairy Cottages16.10.39[blank]16.09.46Away with grandmother while mother in nursing home
52809.01.1945Tasker, Robert GeraldHarry15 Trevor Gardens31.10.39[blank]27.07.51Removed to Gosport. Parents separating
52909.01.1945Small, Arthur Stephen HowardJames Edwin4 Ranscombe Farm Cottages19.09.39[blank]21.12.45To Malling School. Residing in Malling parish
53015.01.1945Gibson, Charles ThomasThomas HenryPreston Court Farm Cottages01.04.35Mayfield CE16.03.45Father’s work changed, moved to Cooksbridge
53115.01.1945Gibson, Daisy MargaretThomas HenryPreston Court Farm Cottages08.07.31Mayfield CE08.03.45Moved to Cooksbridge
50631.01.1945Butler, Patricia MayWilliam Frankc/o grandmother, Mrs Kendrew, Thatched Cottage12.05.36The Pells07.03.45[blank]
50731.01.1945Butler, Marie JuneWilliam Frankc/o grandmother, Mrs Kendrew, Thatched Cottage19.06.37Lewes09.02.45[blank]
53205.02.1945Last, MargaretWilliamc/o Mrs Clayton (aunt), 24 Trevor Gardens; c/o Mrs Curtis(aunt), Danworth Lane, Hurstpierpoint; home address: 6 EthelCottages, Littleroke Road, Kenley, Surrey21.12.36Hurstpierpoint Infants21.03.45Returned to Kenley
53305.03.1945Lynn, John DennisMary EleanorRagged Lands20.10.35Redmarshall CE, Stockton on Tees, via Danby Whisk,Northallerton (5 weeks)08.03.47Spending 6 months in Hawkenbury Convalescent Boys Home,Tunbridge Wells (chorea).
53405.03.1945Lynn, David WilliamMary EleanorRagged Lands21.12.36Redmarshall CE, Stockton on Tees, via Danby Whisk,Northallerton (5 weeks)23.05.47Family moved to Australia, mother re-marrying
50719.02.1945Butler, Marie JuneWilliam Frankc/o Mrs Kendrew19.06.37Went home for one week, mother again ill, came back23.02.45Returned home after a week here
40110.04.1945Ford, Stanley ArthurThomas George22 Trevor Gardens20.09.33Victoria Road JM, Shoreham05.04.46Removal
46510.04.1945Ford, Charles HenryThomas George22 Trevor Gardens14.10.36Victoria Road JM, Shoreham05.04.46Removal
53516.04.1945Whitewood, PaulineFrancis WilliamPolice Station, Beddingham02.03.40Nil20.12.49Capricious withdrawal
53616.04.1945Barber, Betty IrisFrederickc/o Mrs Newham, 5 Spring Gardens; 13 Beaconsfield Road,Portslade27.08.36St Nicholas JM School, Portslade20.04.45Returned home
53707.05.1945Moorey, KennethErnestc/o Mrs Moorey, Hampden Gardens05.02.40Firle CE School08.06.45Returned to Firle; with grandmother during mother’sillness
53815.05.1945Jones, David JohnJohn William10 Trevor Gardens25.05.37Ringmer School[blank][blank]
53914.05.1945Jones, Kenneth HughJohn William10 Trevor Gardens21.03.39Ringmer School27.07.51Transferred to Firle
52316.04.1945Hales, James HenryJohn HenryGlyndebourne Farm Cottages11.03.33This school15.05.45Undergoing hospital treatment
54029.05.1945Maccarragh, Michael
c/o Mrs Diplock, 29 Trevor Gardens20.06.38Lewes27.07.45Home to mother at Clapham
52204.06.1945Fosberry, StellaAlfred JohnStream Cottage08.07.39[blank]23.04.47Removal to Chailey, [info withheld], attending Plumpton School
54111.06.1945Winterflood, Josephine AnnGeorgec/o Mrs Diplock, mother working at Glyndebourne Nurseries;grandmother at home, 36 Hunt Street, Notting Hill02.05.38West Hoathly27.07.45[blank]
51918.06.1945Fosberry, Joyce FlorenceAlfred JohnStream Cottage01.07.37Re-admission23.04.47Removal to Chailey, [info withheld]
54216.07.1945Meredith, Vera Dorothy JeanAustin John6 Trevor Gardens09.09.39Langley CE School, Maidstone28.01.46Father changed work, removal
54303.09.1945Freeman, JacquelineGeorge1 Sussex Terrace29.07.40[blank]20.12.49Withdrawal to Firle, reason not stated
54424.09.1945Baldock, Joan LindarFrederick Charles8 Trevor Gardens09.03.34Junction Road, Burgess Hill13.02.48Transferred with other seniors to West Firle VP School
54501.10.1945Walkden, Peggy Agnes GraceJames FrederickField Cottage, Preston Court Farm05.01.37High Hurstwood, Buxted19.10.45Removal
54601.10.1945Walkden, James FrederickJames FrederickField Cottage, Preston Court Farm05.04.39High Hurstwood, Buxted19.10.45Removal
54101.10.1945Winterflood, JosephineGeorgec/o Mrs Diplock, mother living in district, no longer countedas evacuee02.05.38[blank]25.01.46Mother giving up work at Glyndebourne and returning to London
54715.10.1945Foster, ColinFrederickPreston Court Farm Cottages22.12.31Westfield CE School18.12.45Of age
54815.10.1945Scutt [Dawtrey], BarbaraJamesBeddingham Cross Roads31.10.39Firle from Laughton26.10.45Mother’s name Dawtrey, Miss Fawsett from [info withheld]called about her
52308.10.1945Hales, James HenryJohn HenryGlyndebourne Farm Cottages11.03.33This school08.05.46Returned to Westcott, Surrey
52508.10.1945Hales, Michael DennisJohn HenryGlyndebourne Farm Cottages07.06.38This school10.05.46Returned to Westcott, Surrey
54529.10.1945Walkden, PeggyJamesField Cottage, Preston Court Farm05.01.37High Hurstwood, Buxted16.11.45Father has another job
54629.10.1945Walkden, JamesJamesField Cottage, Preston Court Farm05.04.39High Hurstwood, Buxted16.11.45Father has another job
54910.11.1945Pelling, Shirley May IreneWilliam112 Winter Road, Eastbourne, c/o Mrs Smith, Glyndebourne Corner31.01.37Christchurch CE18.12.45Mother better

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