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From the fly-leaves of Glynde parish register

Fruit trees planted by the Revd Mr Thomas Davies in the Gardens at Glynde Vicarage.

In the House Garden, Nov 1759

2 Peaches
1 Nectarine at 1s 6d4s 6d
3 Duke Cherries
1 Morella at 1s4s
16 Apple Tree ie
4 Non Pareils
3 Golden Pippin
2 Royal Russett
2 Wheeler Russettdwarfs at 1s
2 Golden Rennetfrom Boadle16s
1 Bath Apple
2 French Pippin
£1 4s 6d

In the Field Garden, Nov 1762

4 Standard Quince Apples
4 Standard Royal Wilding
3 Winter Bon Chretien Pear
3 Valentia Pearfrom Croydon14s
1 Orlans Plum
1 Green Gage
1 Early Jenneting
2 Flanders Pippin1 Standard
1 Dwarf
4 White Currant1s
£1 19s 6d

Oct 15, 1765

In the middle Row of the House Garden at West End forward (Margaret) Apple ½ standard East End forward next Park ½ standard.

Middle Tree Wheeler’s Russet
The 2 on each side of the middle tree French or broad eye Pippin
DwarfEach side the Gutter removed 2 Golden Pippins, to the Court wall and planted in their stead
1 Golden Russet 1 Royal Russet
A golden Pippin in each corner of the Court
In the upper Gardenone Royal Russet
one Bath Apple

Nov 12, 1778

Planted in the upper Garden next the strawberry Row SW side 12 Standard Apple Trees, reckoning each Row of 4 trees from the bottom upwards ie
1st Row4 Flanders Pippin
2nd Row1 Flanders Pippin, 2 Holland Pippin, 1 French Codling
3rd Row2 Hampton Court 2 Golden Rennetts

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