•  1869: Suez Canal opened•  1871: Trades Unions legalised•  1872: Secret ballots introduced for elections•  1873: Dr Livingstone dies•  1876: Bell invents telephone•  1878: Electric light bulb invented•  1881: Pasteur invents innoculation•  1884: Speaker Brand retires•  1884: Fabian Society founded•  1885: Glynde & Beddingham Cricket Club founded•  1887: Queen Victoria's Jubilee•  1894: Manchester Ship Canal opened•  1899: Boer War starts•  1901: Queen Victoria dies•  1903: 1st aeroplane flight by Wright Bros.•  1905: Ragged Lands established•  1909: Introduction of Old Age Pension•  1912: Sinking of the Titanic•  1914: Start of 1st World War•  1916: Battle of the Somme

1891 census West Firle Union Workhouse

AgeOccupationPlace of Birth
William H Pascoemar28workhouse masterYorks, Leeds
Ada T Pascoemar28workhouse matronHants, Winchester
Frederick Normanunm48general labourerKent, Sevenoaks
Richard Taylorunm35general labourerGlynde
Joseph Goldsmithwid70farm labourerEast Hoathly
John Walkerunm63general labourerHants, Portsmouth
Trayton Burgesswid76general lab (imbecile)Chalvington
Thomas Harmerunm65general labourerRipe
George Hugheswid72farm labourerWest Firle
James Elliottunm63potmanWest Firle
Jasper Geallunm40farm labourerRipe
Thomas Townsendwid66farm labourerRipe
Mary E Gaston (mther)unm30domestic servantRingmer
Joseph Gaston (son)  6scholarGlynde
Mary Gaston (dau)   4 West Firle
Martha Gaston (dau)   4 West Firle
Mary Mondaywid60laundress (blind)Not Known
Harriett Tompsettwid79(imbecile)Chailey
Mabel Godding (mthr)unm32domestic servantRottingdean
Winifred M E Godding (dtr)  7 West Firle
John Whitemar63farm labourerKent, Denton Green
Sarah White (wife)mar61 Kent, Denton Green
John Morrisunm61shoemakerLondon, Westminster
Robert Harmerunm35farm labourerBrighton
George Taylorunm64farm labourerMiddlesex, Enfield
Thomas Smithunm40farm labourerKent, Tunbridge Wells
Frederick Jamesunm44general labourerEssex, Barking
Mary Jones (mother)mar31 Ireland, Belfast
James Jones (son)  8 Durham, Durham
Mary Jones (dtr)  5 Ticehurst
Sarah A Frostunm24domestic servantNot Known
Donna Reedunm32(imbecile)West Firle

Males total= 18
Females total= 12
Total inmates= 30

Notes on the transcription:

  1. The following abbreviations have been used for marital status: mar = married, unm = unmarried, wid = widow or widower.

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