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1871 census West Firle Union Workhouse

AgeOccupationPlace of Birth
Charles Briscoemar51governor Union House
Dispenser MPSC
Middlesex, London
Charlotte Briscoemar42governessIlkestone, Derby
Augusta Marchantunm41school mistressHurstpierpoint
Harriet Parisunm16general servantHastings
Mary Boyswid82pauperAlciston
Mary Cornfordmar78pauperWest Firle
Elizabeth Akehurstmar30pauper[?]
Emily Moonunm24pauperWest Firle
Harriet Hughesunm35pauperWest Firle
Rosa Cookwid48pauperIreland
Martha Reedunm40pauperChalvington
William Guyunm80pauperChalvington
William Russellunm82pauperBerwick
William Andersonunm80pauperBeddingham
David Petitmar83pauperWest Firle
Henry Hockhamunm51pauperSelmeston
George Akehurstmar31pauperAlfriston
Henry Shelleyunm63pauperWest Firle
Henry Kenwardwid83pauperWest Firle
William Taylorunm62pauperWest Firle
Thomas Haylorunm47pauperAlciston
John Collinghamwid80pauperWest Firle
Richard Dulywid65pauperAlciston
William Cornfordmar72pauperWest Firle
John Howardunm21pauperNorfolk
Mary Ann Webbunm14pauperBeddingham
Anna Maria Reed 12pauper, scholarWest Firle
Emily Moore 1pauperBeddingham
Louisa Akehurst 9mpauperWest Firle
George Simmons 16pauperRipe
Thomas Burfield 12pauper, scholarBerwick
Samuel Burfield 10pauper, scholarBerwick
James Fred Geal 6pauper, scholarWest Firle
Samuel Hughes 6pauper, scholarWest Firle
John Akehurst 4pauper, scholarGlynde
Harry Akehurst 3pauper, scholarGlynde
William Burfieldunm16visitor, sailorBrighton
Robert Miltonmar38pauperHerts, Bushey
Elizabeth Miltonmar29pauperHerts, Bushey
Charles Dashfordunm53pauperKent, Woolwich
John Hoddenunm34pauperSomerset, Bristol
James Smithunm24pauperSomerset, Bristol
Mary Ann Twightwid42pauperWorcester
Agnes Twight 11pauperWorcester
Sarah Martinmar36pauperKent, Maidstone
Joseph Lotwid54pauperSurrey, Kingston

Number of paupers
Males total= 27
Females total= 15
Total inmates= 42

Notes on the transcription:

  1. The following abbreviations have been used for marital status: mar = married, unm = unmarried, wid = widow or widower.
  2. The place of birth of Elizabeth Akehurst looks to be Perryfort with the County being unreadable. I could find nowhere called Perryfort or similar in a search of the internet so I have left a question mark for this entry.
  3. William Burfield, although listed among the paupers, is not described as a pauper in the occupation column but as a sailor. In the relationship to the head of the workhouse he was described as a visitor so may simply have paid for a night’s lodging in the house rather than be a pauper inmate.
  4. In all entries it is difficult to read the person’s age. The enumerator, probably when adding up the totals of males and females or checking their ages, has run a thick line through every entry of age on the census.

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