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1861 census West Firle Union Workhouse

AgeOccupationPlace of Birth
Charles Briscoemar40master of workhouseBloomsbury, Mx
Charlotte Briscoemar34matron of workhouseIlkestone, Derby
Augusta Marchantunm32schoolmistressHurstpierpoint
George Edwardswid50porterSt Michael’s, Mx
Jane Ridewood[?]unm39servantBath, Somerset
Mary Ann Scottunm21nurseSt James, Pentonville, Mx
Eli Feistunm24pauper (idiotic)West Firle
Mary Hopeunm56pauperWest Firle
George Simmonsunm 6pauper, scholarWest Firle
Caroline Taylorunm14pauper, scholarWest Firle
Sarah Harveyunm29pauper, general servantWest Firle
Elizabeth Harveyunm 9pauper, scholarRingmer
John F Harveyunm 2pauperWest Firle
Henry Burgessunm41pauper, agricultural labWest Firle
William Mockettunm90pauper, huntsman forWest Firle
William Shelleyunm21pauper, disch soldierWest Firle
Phoebe Rusbridgeunm17pauper, sempstressWest Firle
Sarah Shelleyunm17pauper, house servantWest Firle
Richard Readunm61pauper, shoemakerChalvington
Henry Hockhamunm41pauper, shepherdSelmeston
William Burgesswid76pauper, carter (blind)Ripe
William Coshamwidr72pauper, farm bailiffRipe
William Townsendwid72[?]pauper, gardenerRipe
Joseph Townsendunm46pauper, shepherdRipe

The census return for the workhouse is clearly incomplete, despite the digitised image available on-line and on microfilm showing this page, page 25 and folio 69, is marked ‘END’ at the top of the page. The introductory pages in the enumerator’s book show, in the totals of males and females on each page of the census, there was a page 26 which had no schedule number (meaning the entries were a continuation of the Workhouse from page 25) and recorded the names of 14 males and 7 females. This would bring the total paupers in the workhouse to:

Males 12 + 14= 26
Females 7 + 7= 14
Total= 40

Notes on the transcription:

  1. The following abbreviations have been used for marital status: mar = married, unm = unmarried, wid = widow or widower.
  2. The following abbreviations have been used for occupations: lab = labourer, disch = discharged. William Mockett’s entry gives his occupation as ‘huntsman for’, and presumably refers to the next column which reads "West Firle".

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