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1851 census West Firle Union Workhouse

AgeOccupationPlace of Birth
Samuel Oylermar45governor, union houseTicehurst
Sarah Hartwid54matron, union houseHatton, Hunts
George William Hartunm20accountantIreland
Elizabeth M Hartunm16school mistressLeeds, Yorks
Edwin Mooreyunm21school masterLewes
David Douchmar45tailorWestham
Mary Douchmar50nurseRobertsbridge
John Coateswid69pauper, agricultural labSelmeston
Leonard Gillett 14pauper, scholarAlciston
Jane Haylor 12pauper, scholarAlciston
William Andrewsunm59pauper, agricultural labBeddingham
Mary Barrowunm18pauper, general servantBeddingham
William Bartholomewmar32pauper, agricultural labBeddingham
Sarah Bartholomewmar33pauper, ag lab’s wifeWest Firle
Lucy Bartholomew 14pauper, scholarTarring
Sarah Bartholomew 12pauper scholarSouthease
Barbara Bartholomew 8pauper, scholarSouthease
Thomas Bartholomew 5pauper, scholarBeddingham
James Bartholomew 2pauperBeddingham
Ann Mooreunm22pauper, general servantBeddingham
James Moore 4pauperWest Firle
Ann Moore 2pauperBeddingham
Frances Mooreunm25pauper, general servantBeddingham
Emily Moore 4pauperBeddingham
Mary Parkerunm32pauper, general servantBeddingham
Sarah Parker 9 mpauperWest Firle
William Pottermar50pauper, agricultural labJevington
Ann Pottermar48pauper, general servantBeddingham
Caroline Potterunm17pauper, general servantPiddinghoe
Abraham Potter 11pauper, scholarBeddingham
William Potter 3pauperBeddingham
Thomas Goldsmithwid82pauper, agricultural labLaughton
Jane Goldsmithunm27pauper, general servantBerwick
Sarah Hiltonunm45pauper, general servantBerwick
George Reed 13pauper, scholarChalvington
George Curtisunm20pauper, agricultural labRipe
Jasper Curtisunm17pauper, agricultural labRipe
George Parsons 15pauper, scholarChalvington
Henry Turnermar52pauper, agricultural labIsfield
Grace Turnermar54pauper, agricultural labLewes
Sarah Turnerunm18pauper, general servantGlynde
Charity Turner 15pauper, scholarGlynde
Elizabeth Barberwid73pauper, ag lab’s widowSelmeston
Richard Gowerunm27pauper, agricultural labRipe
James Gowerunm20pauper, agricultural labRipe
Esther Gowerunm19pauper, general servant Ripe
Ann Gowerunm16pauper, general servantRipe
Edmund Foordunm47pauper, agricultural labRipe
John Parsonsunm72pauper, agricultural labRipe
Isaac Wheelerwid56pauper, j’n blacksmithRipe
William Allcornwid74pauper, agricultural labFramfield
Ann Allcornunm[!]44pauper, wife of ag labBattleblind
William Normanwid79pauper, agricultural labWest Firle blind
Benjamin Aviswid84pauper, j’n blacksmithAlciston
Thomas Bartholomewwid78pauper, agricultural labBeddingham
Joseph Burgessunm18pauper, agricultural labWest Firle
William Collinghamunm30pauper, agricultural labWest Firle
Eli Fiest 14pauper, scholarWest Firle
Emma Fiest 11pauper, scholarWest Firle
Lydia Harriswid77pauper, ag lab’s widowNot Known
James Harvey 13pauper, scholarWest Firle
Charles Hughes 11pauper, scholarWest Firle
William Mockettwid70pauper, agricultural labWest Firle
Thomas Russellunm79pauper, j’n shoemakerRobertsbridge
Sophia Shelley 15pauper, scholarWest Firle
Thomas Shelley 14pauper, scholarWest Firle
William Shelley 11pauper, scholarWest Firle
Harriett Shelley 8pauper, scholarWest Firle
Sarah Shelley 6pauper, scholarWest Firle
Peter Tompsettunm46pauper, agricultural labWest Firle
Joseph Taylor 14pauper, scholarWest Firle
Ann Wilson 12pauper, scholarBeddingham
Elizabeth Potterunm20pauper, general servantSouthease
Joseph Wheeler 14pauper, scholarMaidstone, Kent

Notes on the transcription:

  1. The following abbreviations have been used for marital status: mar = married, unm = unmarried, wid = widow or widower. An exclamation mark [!] has been put next to the entry for Ann Allcorn as she was listed as unmarried BUT also as the wife of an agricultural labourer.
  2. The following abbreviations have been used for occupations: lab = labourer, ag lab = agricultural labourer, j’n = journeyman (ie not a master)

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