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1841 census West Firle Union Workhouse

NameAgeOccupationBorn in (y) or
out (n) of Sussex
John Hart47master [of Workhouse]n
Sarah Hart45matronn
Robert Reeve40portern
Emily Sanderson20school mistressn
George Sanders11paupery
Thomas Boys12paupery
George Stevens11paupery
Elizabeth Sanders40paupery
Harriet Gillet13paupery
Richard Gillet11paupery
Leonard Gillet 5paupery
Esther Sanders15paupery
Fillis Burton77paupery
Richard Hayler30paupery
Esther Gillet 7paupery
Jane Gillet 3paupery
Louisa Russell12paupery
Benjamin Russell11paupery
Louisa Elliot 8paupery
Sophia Diplock10paupery
Sarah Hilton36paupery
Henry Hilton 9paupery
William Hilton 4paupery
Thomas Hilton69paupery
Maria Hilton61paupery
James Goldsmith16paupery
Samuel Taylor75pauper farmery
Richard Eager88paupery
Barbara Moore 8paupery
Joseph Solomon74paupery
Jane Solomon70paupery
Isabella Solomon30paupery
Samuel Valentine13paupery
George Curtis13paupery
John Curtis11paupery
John Curtis15paupery
John Muckeridge77paupery
George Ford 8paupery
Elizabeth Ford 9paupery
Esther Gower 9paupery
Ann Gower 7paupery
John Parsons64paupery
Edmond[?] Ford37paupery
William Strong[?]64paupery
Mary Wetland66paupery
James Gower11paupery
Leonard Payne28paupery
Thomas Cooper70paupery
William Alcorn64paupery
Mary Alcorn57paupery
Ann Alcorn34paupery
William Norman69paupery
Hannah Norman69paupery
Emily Alcorn16paupery
Charlotte Avis16paupery
Nathan Norman 8paupery
Mary Taylor26paupery
Hannah Hope 12paupery
Mary Hope10paupery
Joseph Taylor 5paupery
Thomas Bartholomew68paupery
Judith Bartholomew65paupery
William Miller11paupery
Mary Hope35paupery
Benjamin Avis74pauper brick layery
Mary Weir84pauper labourern
Sarah Russell76pauper labourery
William Stevens 8paupery
Ann Osborne15paupery
Jane Hope26paupery
Mary Ann Hope 1paupery

Total paupers:males= 34
females= 33
Total = 67

Notes on the transcription:

  1. The original entry for all the inmates, including women, children and infants, gave their occupation as ‘pauper labourer’ but the second word has been crossed through in the enumerator’s book. I have only put the word ‘pauper’ for these entries. A few other occupations were given and for these I have included the full description, although the second word was again crossed through.
  2. The enumerator apparently had some trouble spelling or writing some of the names. I have altered both first and second names where I think the spelling should be corrected to make more sense (ie, I changed Thomas Bays to Thomas Boys). The one exception is for John Muckeridge, which probably should have been John Muggeridge. One problem with the spelling is that few, if any, of the older inmates of the workhouse would have been able to read or write, although it is to be hoped that the children were being taught literacy by Emily Sanderson, the workhouse’s resident schoolmistress.

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