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Specification of work required to be done in building additions to two cottages at Ranscombe Farm for the Right Honourable Viscount Gage.

November 1882.

Excavator and bricklayer.

Take down back wall and party walls, ovens, chimney, etc, of present back buildings of Cottages, and clean bricks for re-use.

Excavate ground for new walls to a sufficient width and depth to secure a good foundation, and fill up ground inside to the necessary height for floors, and well ram same.

Build new walls in 9'' brickwork to the proper height, with oven, copper, fireplace, chimney, etc, to each cottage.

The walls of washhouse to be laid fair inside and lime whited.

Pave floor of washhouses and repair paving in old part, where required.

Lath, plaster, float and set ceilings and render, float and set walls of Bedrooms, and repair plastering in old part where required.

Clean and whitewash ceilings and walls of cottages throughout.

Cover the roof with Countess slating nailed on with 2 zinc nails to tiles in cement.

Strip and reheal the old roof and make good hips and ridges.

Carpenter and joiner.

Frame the Roof etc with timber as under

Plates and Purlins4½ x 3
Common Rafters4 x 2
Hips and Valleys7 x 2
First Floor Joist7 x 2
Bond Timber4½ x 2½
Ridge7 x 1
Slate Battens2 x ¾

1 inch Gutterboards on proper bearers and ¾ lear[?] boards.

Prepare and fix ¾ fascia and sparrowboard to the whole of the Eaves.

Lay 1 inch white flooring to Bedrooms and fix ¾'' x 7'' square skirting to same and passages.

Prepare and fix new back door frames 4½ x 3 with oak sills and 1'' ledged doors hung with cross garnetts and with strong thumb latch and bolts.

Fix door frames inside 3½ x 2 with ¾'' ledged doors properly hung.

Prepare solid casement frames 4½ x 2½ with oak sills and fitted with iron casements similar to those in the adjoining Cottages and fix proper linings and window boards to same.

Prepare and fix staircase in each Cottage with 1'' strings, heads and risers. Newels 2½ x 2½ and 1'' matched boarding to enclose same and form passage at top of stairs.

Repair windows, doors, frames, floors, etc, in old part of Cottages where required.

Painter, Glazier and Plumber.

Prime and paint all new woodwork inside and out 3 coats plain oil colour, glaze the sashes with sheet glass and repair old windows where required.

Lay the gutters with 6 lb lead and put 4 lb lead flashing to chimneys, etc.


The whole of the materials for Bricklayers' and Plasterers' Work and the Timber for Carpenter's Work to be supplied by Lord Gage.

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