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Sched No. Address Name Relation to Head of Household Marital Status Age Occupation Worker/ Employer Birth Parish Parish Page image
1Little PrestonGeorge WilsonHead M 77 Ag lab (out of employ) Waldron Beddingham 
1Little PrestonAnn WilsonWife M 71 Berwick Beddingham 
1Little PrestonArnold WilsonSon S 26 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonGeorge MooreHead M 39 Groom Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonLucy MooreHead M 45 Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonGeorge MooreSon S 18 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonJoseph MooreSon S 16 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonErnest MooreSon S 11 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonFred MooreSon S 10 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
2Little PrestonCharles MooreSon S 9 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3PrestonThomas WhiteHead M 29 Gardener Slindon Beddingham 
3PrestonMary Ann WhiteWife M 30 Bury Beddingham 
3PrestonAgnes WhiteDaughter S 10 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
4PrestonEdward MoonHead M 45 Ag lab Rodmell Beddingham 
4PrestonSarah Jane MoonDaughter S 17 Rodmell Beddingham 
4PrestonAda Ann BourneDaughter S 7 Scholar Brighton Beddingham 
5PrestonAlbert EvendenHead M 27 Ag lab Berwick Beddingham 
5PrestonHarriett Eliza EvendenWife M 21 Beddingham Beddingham 
5PrestonAlice Susan EvendenDaughter S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
6PrestonWilliam TurnerHead M 29 Ag lab Glynde Beddingham 
6PrestonEliza Florence TurnerWife M 21 Beddingham Beddingham 
6PrestonWilliam Thomas TurnerSon S 4 Glynde Beddingham 
6PrestonAgnes TurnerDaughter S 2 Glynde Beddingham 
7Preston CourtAnthony William HodsonHead S 36 Farmer (of 70 0acres employing 13 men, 6 boys) Iford Beddingham 
7Preston CourtElizabeth SamsonServant W 50 Housekeeper, dom serv Horsted Keynes Beddingham 
7Preston CourtBessy FinchServant S 18 General servant, dom Ripe Beddingham 
8PrestonHarry ProdgerHead M 54 Ag lab Firle Beddingham 
8PrestonElizabeth ProdgerWife M 41 Ripe Beddingham 
8PrestonFred ProdgerSon S 15 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
9PrestonJohn KennardHead M 67 Shepherd Beddingham Beddingham 
9PrestonCaroline KennardWife M 60 Seaford Beddingham 
10PrestonDavid PotterLodger S 62 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
11PrestonHenry ThompsettHead M 42 Ag lab Firle Beddingham 
11PrestonHarriett ThompsettWife M 41 Beddingham Beddingham 
11PrestonHenry ThompsettSon S 13 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
11PrestonLuke ThompsettSon S 10 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
11PrestonGeorge ThompsettSon S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
12PrestonWilliam Alfred MockfordHead M 28 Ag lab Rottingdean Beddingham 
12PrestonElizabeth MockfordWife M 33 Falmer Beddingham 
12PrestonLouisa Annie MockfordDaughter S 7 Scholar Framfield Beddingham 
12PrestonWilliam Alfred MockfordSon S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
12PrestonEmily Elizabeth MockfordDaughter S 3m Beddingham Beddingham 
12PrestonWilliam Winton[?] WallerFather-in-law W 68 Wheelwright (out of employ) Beckley Beddingham 
13PrestonWilliam KennardHead W 70 Ag lab Firle Beddingham 
13PrestonFrances HarmerDaughter W 35 Housekeeper, dom Beddingham Beddingham 
13PrestonCharles Henry KennardGrandson S 17 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
13PrestonWilliam Thomas KennardGrandson S 14 Gardener's lab Beddingham Beddingham 
13PrestonEllen HarmerGranddaughter S 8 scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
13PrestonGeorge KennardSon M 25 Ag lab (out of employ) Beddingham Beddingham 
13PrestonEliza KennardDaughter M 34 Laundress Barcombe Beddingham 
13PrestonFrank PeckhamGrandson S 6 Scholar Barcombe Beddingham 
141 Trevor GardensJoseph BrayHead M 41 Lab in chalkpits Laughton Beddingham 
141 Trevor GardensMaria BrayWife M 46 East Hoathly Beddingham 
151 Trevor GardensJohn LeggettLodger S 26 Lab in chalkpits Preston, Brighton Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensAlfred BrownHead M 37 Bargeman Lewes Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensOrpah BrownWife M 31 Framfield Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensNelly Anne BrownDaughter S 10 Scholar Lewes Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensEdith BrownDaughter S 8 Scholar Lewes Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensErnest Alfred BrownSon S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensFrank BrownSon S 4 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensHerbert BrownSon S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 
162 Trevor GardensAlice BrownDaughter S 5m Beddingham Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensDavid MercerHead M 35 Miller, journeyman Herstmoneux Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensEllen MercerWife M 34 Hailsham Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensErnest MercerSon S 8 Scholar East Hoathly Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensEllen Eliza MercerDaughter S 6 Scholar East Hoathly Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensWalter MercerSon S 5 Scholar East Hoathly Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensMinnie MercerDaughter S 3 East Hoathly Beddingham 
173 Trevor GardensMabel Louisa MercerDaughter S 1 Lewes Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensWilliam BrayHead M 46 Lab in chalkpit Ringmer Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensAlice B BrayWife M 38 Horsted Keynes Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensFrederick BraySon S 13 Ag lab Ringmer Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensAlice BrayDaughter S 9 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensGeorge BraySon S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensWalter BraySon S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensEliza BrayDaughter S 4 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensAlbert William BraySon S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
184 Trevor GardensKate BrayDaughter S 6m Beddingham Beddingham 
195 Trevor GardensJohn GeallHead M 30 Lab in chalkpits Chiddingly Beddingham 
195 Trevor GardensEliza GeallWife M 31 Lewes Beddingham 
195 Trevor GardensJohn Taylor GeallSon S 3 Glynde Beddingham 
195 Trevor GardensWilliam GeallSon S 2m Beddingham Beddingham 
205 Trevor GardensSamuel LockyerLodger S 44 Miller's loader Rotherfield Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensJames SimmonsHead M 34 Lab in chalkpits Southover Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensEmma SimmonsWife M 40 Horsham Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensEmma Jane SimmonsDaughter S 13 Southover Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensThomas SimmonsSon S 12 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensJames SimmonsSon S 9 Scholar Brighton Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensFanny SimmonsDaughter S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensRuth SimmonsDaughter S 4 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
216 Trevor GardensThomas SimmonsFather W 86 Ag lab (out of employ) Iford Beddingham 
227 Trevor GardensCharles StevensHead M 41 Lab in chalkpits Buxted Beddingham 
227 Trevor GardensFrances StevensWife M 29 Ringmer Beddingham 
227 Trevor GardensCharles James StevensSon S 9m Beddingham Beddingham 
227 Trevor GardensGeorgina DuncanSister-in-law S 12 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensJohn FrenchHead M 39 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensSarah Jane FrenchWife M 36 Mayfield Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensPhilip FrenchSon S 14 Miller's journeyman Ringmer Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensAda FrenchDaughter S 12 Nursemaid (domestic servant) Ringmer Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensFrederick FrenchSon S 7 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensJohn FrenchSon S 5 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensJane FrenchDaughter S 3 Beddingham Beddingham 
238 Trevor GardensMary Ann FrenchDaughter S 8m Beddingham Beddingham 
249 Trevor GardensAmos ElphickHead M 30 Lab in chalkpits Barcombe Beddingham 
249 Trevor GardensSarah Ellen ElphickWife M 30 Hampshire, Milford Beddingham 
249 Trevor GardensAmy Annie ElphickDaughter S 8m Beddingham Beddingham 
259 Trevor GardensAmos HarmerLodger S 25 Bricklayer's lab Hurstpierpoint Beddingham 
2610 Trevor GardensWilliam WellerHead M 36 Coal heaver Glynde Beddingham 
2610 Trevor GardensAnsley WellerWife M 36 Kingston Beddingham 
2610 Trevor GardensAlice Mary WellerDaughter S 3 Beddingham Beddingham 
2610 Trevor GardensEliza Annie WellerDaughter S 9m Beddingham Beddingham 
2610 Trevor GardensFrederick ColemanFather-in-law W 73 Ag lab (out of employ) Kingston Beddingham 
2710 Trevor GardensHenry EllisLodger S 34 General lab Ringmer Beddingham 
2811 Trevor GardensHenry GeallHead M 62 Lab in chalkpits Ripe Beddingham 
2811 Trevor GardensElizabeth GeallWife M 59 Laughton Beddingham 
2811 Trevor GardensEsther StevensonDaughter M 34 Chiddingly Beddingham 
2811 Trevor GardensHarry Franklyn StevensonSister-in-law M 31 Lab in chalkpits Ticehurst Beddingham 
2811 Trevor GardensSarah Jane HollambyDaughter M 26 Kingston Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensEdward GastonHead M 48 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensBetsy GastonWife M 50 Ringmer Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensEdward GastonSon S 27 Lab in chalkpits Alfriston Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensWilliam GastonSon S 25 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensCharles Henry GastonSon S 23 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensGeorge Gastonson S 18 Shepherd Ringmer Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensJohn Albert GastonSon S 13 Pot boy Beddingham Beddingham 
2912 Trevor GardensHenrietta Sarah GastonDaughter S 11 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3013 Trevor GardensJames EvansHead M 40 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
3013 Trevor GardensHannah EvansWife M 39 Laughton Beddingham 
3013 Trevor GardensMary EvansDaughter S 17 Domestic servant Ringmer Beddingham 
3013 Trevor GardensAnnie EvansDaughter S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
3113 Trevor GardensWilliam DuncanLodger S 31 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
3213 Trevor GardensBenjamin GurrLodger S 19 Lab in chalkpits Chiddingly Beddingham 
3314 Trevor GardensHenry UptonHead M 56 Lab in chalkpits South Malling Beddingham 
3314 Trevor GardensJane UptonWife M 47 Steyning Beddingham 
3314 Trevor GardensJane UptonDaughter S 24 Domestic servant Ringmer Beddingham 
3314 Trevor GardensMargery UptonDaughter S 13 Glynde Beddingham 
3314 Trevor GardensMelina UptonDaughter S 11 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3314 Trevor GardensCharity UptonDaughter S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensWilliam FunnellHead M 45 Lab in chalkpits Laughton Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensEsther FunnellWife M 45 Ringmer Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensWilliam FunnellSon S 23 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensEdward FunnellSon S 19 Ag lab Ringmer Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensStephen FunnellSon S 17 Lab in chalkpits Beddingham Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensOlive FunnellDaughter S 14 No employ Beddingham Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensE[llen] J[ane] C[lare] Louisa FunnellDaughter S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensLaura FunnellDaughter S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensFrank FunnellSon S 12 Beddingham Beddingham 
3415 Trevor GardensHenry FunnellSon S 10 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3516 Trevor GardensRobert DayHead M 52 Engine driver, stationery Brighton Beddingham 
3516 Trevor GardensRhoda DayWife M 45 Ringmer Beddingham 
3516 Trevor GardensWilliam DaySon S 19 Baker, journeyman Beddingham Beddingham 
3516 Trevor GardensGeorge DaySon S 17 Bricklayer's lab Beddingham Beddingham 
3516 Trevor GardensHarry DaySon S 12 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
3616 Trevor GardensWilliam TaylorLodger S 32 Carter Glynde Beddingham 
37Trevor Arms InnThomas GorringeHead W 53 Licensed victualler Glynde Beddingham 
37Trevor Arms InnFrederick WickisonNephew M 32 [crossed through, unreadable] Brighton Beddingham 
37Trevor Arms InnL A WickisonNiece M 29 Dom servant Oxfordshire, Wroxton Beddingham 
37Trevor Arms InnFrances Ellen UrwickServant S 19 Domestic servant Gloucestershire, Stow on the Wold Beddingham 
38Glynde Station CottageGeorge Hertslett CooksonHead M 53 Station master Devon, Sampford Peverell Beddingham 
38Glynde Station CottageEliza CooksonWife M 55 Suffolk, Debenham Beddingham 
38Glynde Station CottageArthur Thomas CooksonSon S 23 Railway clerk Surrey, Bermondsey Beddingham 
3917 Trevor GardensJames BakerHead M 47 Lab in chalkpits Glynde Beddingham 
3917 Trevor GardensNaomi BakerWife M 38 Hailsham Beddingham 
4018 Trevor GardensJohn WellerHead M 36 Lab in chalkpits Hellingly Beddingham 
4018 Trevor GardensEva WellerWife M 28 Lewes Beddingham 
4018 Trevor GardensBertram WellerSon S 2 Southover Beddingham 
4018 Trevor GardensAnnie WenhamNiece S 11 scholar Hailsham Beddingham 
4119 Trevor GardensThomas TuppenHead M 27 Lab in chalkpits Falmer Beddingham 
4119 Trevor GardensEmily TuppenWife M 29 Firle Beddingham 
4119 Trevor GardensAmos TuppenSon S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
4220 Trevor GardensGeorge GodleyHead M 27 Lab in chalkpits Beeding Beddingham 
4220 Trevor GardensLouisa GodleyWife M 25 Ringmer Beddingham 
4220 Trevor GardensLouisa GodleyDaughter S 4 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
4220 Trevor GardensAnnie GodleyDaughter S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 
4321 Trevor GardensJames KennardHead M 27 Lab in chalkpits Beddingham Beddingham 
4321 Trevor GardensSarah KennardWife M 29 Southwater, Horsham Beddingham 
4321 Trevor GardensEdith KennardDaughter S 4 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
4321 Trevor GardensEliza KennardDaughter S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 
4321 Trevor GardensSarah KennardDaughter S 11m Beddingham Beddingham 
4321 Trevor GardensJane SaundersAunt W 61 Beddingham Beddingham 
4421 Trevor GardensSamuel BryantLodger S 52 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
4522 Trevor GardensJoseph JonesHead M 48 Carter Laughton Beddingham 
4522 Trevor GardensEliza JonesWife M 46 Middlesex, London Beddingham 
4522 Trevor GardensSamuel JonesSon S 14 Ag lab Brighton Beddingham 
4623 Trevor GardensWalter HerriottHead M 26 Lab in chalkpits Lewes Beddingham 
4623 Trevor GardensSusan HerriottWife M 25 Ringmer Beddingham 
4623 Trevor GardensEdward John HerriottSon S 5 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
4623 Trevor GardensWilliam Alfred HerriottSon S 1 Ringmer Beddingham 
4623 Trevor GardensCharles Henry HerriottSon S 2m Beddingham Beddingham 
4623 Trevor Gardens S Beddingham 
4725 Trevor GardensGeorge FunnellHead M 21 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
4725 Trevor GardensMary Ann H FunnellWife M 19 Balcombe Beddingham 
4725 Trevor GardensMaud Lily FunnellDaughter S 7m Beddingham Beddingham 
4826 Trevor GardensHenry NiasHead M 27 Lab in chalkpits Hampshire, Botley Beddingham 
4826 Trevor GardensEllen NiasWife M 30 Firle Beddingham 
4826 Trevor GardensFrederick Henry NiasSon S 2m Beddingham Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensWilliam HainesHead M 53 Lab in chalkpits Kent, Sandhurst Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensSarah HainesWife M 48 Seaford Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensWilliam George HainesSon S 20 Lab in chalkpits Kent, Woolwich Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensJohn HainesSon S 17 Lab in chalkpits Kent, Plumstead Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensSarah Harriett HainesDaughter S 14 No employ Lewes Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensLydia HainesDaughter S 11 Scholar Lewes Beddingham 
4927 Trevor GardensEli HainesSon S 8 Scholar Uckfield Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensBenjamin BurgessHead M 35 General lab Firle Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensEliza Jane BurgessWife M 28 Northamptonshire, Irchester Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensJane Amelia BurgessDaughter S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensLily BurgessDaughter S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensAnnie Selina BurgessDaughter S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensHerbert BurgessSon S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
5028 Trevor GardensEdith BurgessDaughter S 10m Firle Beddingham 
5129 Trevor GardensGeorge EvansHead M 29 Lab in chalkpits Uckfield Beddingham 
5129 Trevor GardensEsther EvansWife M 27 Ringmer Beddingham 
5129 Trevor GardensJesse EvansSon S 1 Ringmer Beddingham 
5230 Trevor GardensWilliam BanksHead M 28 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
5230 Trevor GardensElizabeth BanksWife M 24 Uckfield Beddingham 
5230 Trevor GardensGeorge BanksSon S 10m Ringmer Beddingham 
5331 Trevor GardensThomas GoldsmithHead M 28 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
5331 Trevor GardensElizabeth GoldsmithWife M 30 Ringmer Beddingham 
5331 Trevor GardensThomas Henry GoldsmithSon S 7 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
5331 Trevor GardensGeorge GoldsmithSon S 5 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
5331 Trevor GardensRuth GoldsmithDaughter S 3 Ringmer Beddingham 
5331 Trevor GardensKate GoldsmithDaughter S 1 Ringmer Beddingham 
5432 Trevor GardensHenry EvensHead M 34 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
5432 Trevor GardensAnn EvensWife M 34 Ringmer Beddingham 
5432 Trevor GardensAlice TaskerDaughter S 8 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
5432 Trevor GardensEsther EvensDaughter S 2 Ringmer Beddingham 
5432 Trevor GardensEsther EvensSister S 12 Ringmer Beddingham 
5533 Trevor GardensBenjamin BanksHead M 34 Lab in chalkpits Ringmer Beddingham 
5533 Trevor GardensFanny BanksWife M 31 Ringmer Beddingham 
5533 Trevor GardensBenjamin BanksSon S 6 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
5533 Trevor GardensAlfred William BanksSon S 4 Scholar Ringmer Beddingham 
5533 Trevor GardensHenry BanksSon S 1 Ringmer Beddingham 
5634 Trevor GardensWilliam HastingsHead M 24 General lab Beddingham Beddingham 
5634 Trevor GardensFanny BanksWife M 27 Glynde Beddingham 
57Mill HouseWilliam MedhurstHead S 25 Miller (employing 6 men) Fletching Beddingham 
57Mill HouseFrank MedhurstBrother S 22 Miller Beddingham Beddingham 
99Mill HouseWilliam NewtonHead M 31 Baker, journeyman Middlesex, Fulham Beddingham 
99Mill HouseMartha NewtonWife M 31 Buckinghamshire, Chalfont Beddingham 
99Mill HouseEdith NewtonDaughter S 6 Scholar Brighton Beddingham 
99Mill HouseWilliam Henry NewtonSon S 2 Brighton Beddingham 
99Mill HouseArthur John NewtonSon S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
99Mill HouseMartha NewtonSister S 18 Domestic servant Brighton Beddingham 
58CompsThomas MooreHead M 42 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
58CompsLucy MooreWife M 29 South Heighton Beddingham 
58CompsThomas Nell MooreSon S 13 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
58CompsHerbert Nell MooreSon S 11 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
58CompsMary MooreDaughter S 8 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
58CompsAda Kate MooreDaughter S 3 Beddingham Beddingham 
58Comps S Beddingham 
59Brooks'James MooreHead M 43 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
59Brooks'Sarah MooreWife M 45 Maresfield Beddingham 
59Brooks'Lydia MooreDaughter S 12 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
59Brooks'Bessy MooreDaughter S 10 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
59Brooks'George MooreSon S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
59Brooks'Ellen WrightSister-in-law W 36 No employ Maresfield Beddingham 
59Brooks'Arthur JacquetBoarder S 4 Middlesex, Paddington Beddingham 
63Brooks'Amos MooreLodger W 58 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
64Brooks'William SandsHead W 50 Ag lab Waldron Beddingham 
64Brooks'Caroline SandsDaughter S 27 Ringmer Beddingham 
64Brooks'John William SandsSon S 13 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
64Brooks'Frank SandsSon S 10 Scholar Polegate Beddingham 
62ParsonageLucy MooreHead W 47 Lewes Beddingham 
62ParsonageAlice Mary MooreDaughter S 20 Domestic servant (out of employ) Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageArnold MooreSon S 18 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageAlbert E MooreSon S 16 Shepherd Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageElizabeth S MooreDaughter S 13 Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageCaleb MooreSon S 11 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageWilliam MooreSon S 10 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageGeorge Richard MooreSon S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageCaroline Lucy MooreDaughter S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
62ParsonageArthur William MooreGrandson S 3 Firle Beddingham 
100ParsonageWilliam JonesHead S 45 Ag lab Surrey, Leatherhead Beddingham 
101ParsonageJames TurnerHead S 28 Ag lab Kent, Bickley Beddingham 
60ParsonageJames ThompsettHead M 45 Ag lab Firle Beddingham 
60ParsonageMartha ThompsettWife M 45 Chiddingly Beddingham 
60ParsonageAmos ThompsettSon S 21 Engine driver Firle Beddingham 
60ParsonageThomas ThompsettSon S 14 Ag lab Lindfield Beddingham 
60ParsonageAnnie ThompsettDaughter S 11 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
60ParsonageJohn ThompsettSon S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
61ParsonageWilliam LamportHead W 32 Ag lab Piddinghoe Beddingham 
61ParsonageHenry LamportSon S 11 Shepherd boy Steyning Beddingham 
61ParsonageWilliam LamportSon S 9 Scholar Kingston Beddingham 
61ParsonageElizabeth LamportDaughter S 8 Scholar Kingston Beddingham 
61ParsonageHenry LamportFather W 73 Shepherd (out of employ) Steyning Beddingham 
61ParsonageMary BlaberHousekeeper W 54 Housekeeper Beddingham Beddingham 
65ParsonageJohn BlaberLodger S 20 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
66BarbersWilliam HoadHead M 41 Ag lab Alciston Beddingham 
66BarbersHannah HoadWife M 37 Lewes Beddingham 
66BarbersGeorge HoadSon S 19 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
66BarbersWilliam HoadSon S 13 Ag lab Rodmell Beddingham 
66BarbersAnne HoadDaughter S 10 Scholar Rodmell Beddingham 
66BarbersJohn HoadSon S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
66BarbersCharles HoadSon S 3 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
66BarbersMary HoadDaughter S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
67BarbersWilliam HamptonHead M 47 Wheelwright Falmer Beddingham 
67BarbersJane HamptonWife M 58 Fletching Beddingham 
67Barbers S Beddingham 
68BarbersEdward BurtenshawHead M 41 Ag lab Edburton Beddingham 
68BarbersHarriett BurtenshawWife M 41 Patcham Beddingham 
68BarbersWilliam BurtenshawSon S 15 Ag lab Patcham Beddingham 
68BarbersJohn Thomas BurtenshawSon S 13 Shepherd Patcham Beddingham 
68BarbersElizabeth Selina BurtenshawDaughter S 9 Scholar Patcham Beddingham 
68BarbersEdward Charles BurtenshawSon S 4 Scholar Patcham Beddingham 
68BarbersRichard David BurtenshawSon S 4 Scholar Patcham Beddingham 
68Barbers S Beddingham 
69Court HouseHenry BlackmanHead M 50 Ag lab Pulborough Beddingham 
69Court HouseFrances BlackmanWife M 44 Amberley Beddingham 
69Court HouseSamuel BlackmanSon S 20 Ag lab Pulborough Beddingham 
69Court HouseFrancis BlackmanSon S 17 Ag lab Pulborough Beddingham 
69Court HouseSarah BlackmanDaughter S 11 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
69Court HouseHannah BlackmanDaughter S 9 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
69Court House√Čllen BlackmanDaughter S 8 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
69Court HouseGeorge BlackmanSon S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
69Court HouseFrederick BlackmanSon S 3 Beddingham Beddingham 
69Court HouseJames BlackmanSon S 3m Beddingham Beddingham 
70Court HouseJoel KennardHead M 28 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
70Court HouseEmily KennardWife M 26 Dressmaker Horsham Beddingham 
70Court HouseCharles KennardSon S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
71School HouseDavid SandlesHead M 25 Ag lab Barcombe Beddingham 
71School HouseMary SandlesWife M 29 Schoolmistress Poynings Beddingham 
71School HouseCharlotte FarrVisitor S 22 Cook, domestic servant Madehurst Beddingham 
72School HouseEdward BrooksHead M 55 Ag lab Kent, Horsemonden Beddingham 
72School HouseMary Jane BrooksWife M 53 Kent, Lamberhurst Beddingham 
72School HouseEllen BrooksDaughter S 18 Housemaid, domestic serv Kent, Lamberhurst Beddingham 
72School HouseFrederick Edward Brooks Son S 11 Scholar East Dean Beddingham 
72School HouseFlorence PerrymanNiece S 14 Eastbourne Beddingham 
73School HouseHenry PotterHead M 32 Ag lab Piddinghoe Beddingham 
73School HouseJane PotterWife M 32 Piddinghoe Beddingham 
74Cobbe PlaceJohn GorringeHead M 60 Farmer of 610 acres employing 15 men and 5 boys Eastbourne Beddingham 
74Cobbe PlaceMary Brook GorringeWife M 59 Farmer's wife Eastbourne Beddingham 
74Cobbe PlaceJames Clement GorringeSon S 33 Farmer's son East Dean Beddingham 
74Cobbe PlaceMary Grace GorringeDaughter S 31 Farmer's daughter East Dean Beddingham 
74Cobbe PlaceLaura Wiffen TurnerServant S 22 Housemaid, domestic serv Essex, Henham Beddingham 
74Cobbe PlaceHenrietta SandlesServant S 20 General serv, domestic Canada Beddingham 
75Cobbe PlaceThomas BartholomewHead M 50 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
75Cobbe PlaceCaroline BartholomewWife M 46 Beddingham Beddingham 
75Cobbe PlaceWilliam Smith BartholomewSon S 16 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
75Cobbe PlaceSarah SmithMother-in-law W 76 Out of employ Chalvington Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceHerbert FennerHead M 34 Groom and gardener Burwash Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceAnn FennerWife M 30 Salehurst Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceFrederick FennerSon S 9 Scholar Burwash Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceWilliam FennerSon S 7 Scholar Lincolnshire, Asgarby Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceHarriett FennerDaughter S 6 Scholar Lincolnshire, Horncastle Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceArthur FennerSon S 3 Westham Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceLillie FennerDaughter S 2 Westham Beddingham 
76Cobbe PlaceEdith FennerDaughter S 7m Westham Beddingham 
77AshamRichard FordHead M 78 Ag lab Ripe Beddingham 
77AshamMary Ann fordWife M 59 Beddingham Beddingham 
77AshamOwen Albert FordSon S 16 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
78AshamRichard WoodHead M 70 Shepherd Beddingham Beddingham 
78AshamJane WoodWife M 66 Beddingham Beddingham 
78AshamAlbert Earld WoodGrandson S 17 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
78AshamJames Walter WoodGrandson S 16 Ag lab Falmer Beddingham 
79AshamGeorge DedmanLodger S 45 Railway lab, plate layer Rodmell Beddingham 
80Asham HouseAmos KennardHead M 23 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
80Asham HouseEliza KennardWife M 24 Kent Beddingham 
80Asham HouseAda Eliza KennardDaughter S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
81ItfordThomas MoonHead M 48 Ag lab Rodmell Beddingham 
81ItfordElizabeth Ann MoonWife M 44 Southease Beddingham 
81ItfordAlbert Edward MoonSon S 14 Ag lab Southease Beddingham 
81ItfordJames Frederick MoonSon S 11 Scholar Rodmell Beddingham 
81ItfordFrances Jane MoonDaughter S 9 Scholar Rodmell Beddingham 
81ItfordCaroline Emily MoonDaughter S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
81ItfordAlice Bessy MoonDaughter S 5 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
81ItfordAlfred John MoonSon S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
82ItfordThomas BedwellHead M 45 Ag lab Seaford Beddingham 
82ItfordMary Ann BedwellWife M 42 Selmeston Beddingham 
82ItfordThomas Charles BedwellSon S 19 Ag lab Alciston Beddingham 
82ItfordAnn AvisMother-in-law W 66 Slaugham Beddingham 
82ItfordJames AvisBoarder S 23 Ag lab Alciston Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesJohn FlintHead M 47 Railway lab, plate layer Henfield Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesCharlotte FlintWife M 45 Gate-keeper Beddingham Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesFelix George FlintSon S 15 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesArthur John FlintSon S 13 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesMortimer Andrew FlintSon S 11 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesHarriett Ada FlintDaughter S 9 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
83Itford Railway CottagesAlice Olive Mary FlintDaughter S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
84Itford HouseFrancis FieldHead M 31 Farm bailiff Bolney Beddingham 
84Itford HouseMartha FieldWife M 32 Wivelsfield Beddingham 
84Itford HouseMartha Rose FieldDaughter S 4 Bolney Beddingham 
84Itford HouseFrancis Ernest FieldSon S 10m Beddingham Beddingham 
84Itford HouseElizabeth Ann TrillServant S 13 Nursemaid, domestic Brighton Beddingham 
85Mopes HoleRichard WoodHead M 43 Ag lab Tarring Nevill Beddingham 
85Mopes HoleElizabeth WoodWife M 30 Maresfield Beddingham 
85Mopes HoleGeorge WoodSon S 10 Scholar Tarring Nevill Beddingham 
85Mopes HoleRichard WoodSon S 6 Scholar Tarring Nevill Beddingham 
85Mopes HoleAlice Mary WoodDaughter S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
85Mopes HoleArthur Edward WoodSon S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleEdwin PollardHead M 55 Ag lab Kent, Goudhurst Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleMary Ann PollardWife M 50 Kent, Benenden Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleCharles PollardSon S 14 Ag lab Kent, Goudhurst Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleGeorge PollardFather W 81 Ag lab Kent, Goudhurst Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleJohn PollardSon M 22 Ag lab Kent, Goudhurst Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleMary Ann PollardDaughter M 22 Rotherfield Beddingham 
86Mopes HoleMary Ann PollardGranddaughter S 2 Warbleton Beddingham 
87DurhamsThomas King BodleHead M 24 Blacksmith, master, employing 1 man Newhaven Beddingham 
87DurhamsHester BodleWife M 24 Brighton Beddingham 
87DurhamsThomas Henry BodleSon S 4 Surrey, Norwood Beddingham 
87DurhamsMargaret Annie BodleDaughter S 2 Littlehampton Beddingham 
87DurhamsElizabeth Georgina BodleDaughter S 6m Beddingham Beddingham 
87DurhamsAlbert Edward SkinnerBoarder S 17 Blacksmith's lab Brighton Beddingham 
88ToyJames AnsellHead M 27 Ag lab Firle Beddingham 
88ToyEllen AnsellWife M 22 Firle Beddingham 
88ToyHenry AnsellSon S 2 Firle Beddingham 
88ToyLuther AnsellSon S 4m Firle Beddingham 
88Toy S Beddingham 
89ToyHenry BakerHead M 64 Shepherd Beddingham Beddingham 
89ToyJane BakerWife M 58 Beddingham Beddingham 
89ToyPhilip BakerSon S 16 Shepherd's boy Beddingham Beddingham 
89ToyAlice BakerGrandson S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 
90ToyJames KempHead M 29 Shepherd Ticehurst Beddingham 
90ToyAnne KempWife M 27 Brighton Beddingham 
90ToyAgnes KempDaughter S 6 Scholar Seaford Beddingham 
90ToyEdith KempDaughter S 4 Seaford Beddingham 
90ToyGeorge KempSon S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
90ToyWilliam WinterGrandfather W 76 Out of employ Seaford Beddingham 
90ToyAlfred KempBrother S 26 Ag lab Ticehurst Beddingham 
91BlackcapAbraham SherlockHead M 45 Ag lab Ashcombe Lewes Beddingham 
91BlackcapMercy SherlockWife M 39 Firle Beddingham 
91BlackcapWilliam SherlockSon S 15 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
91BlackcapCharles SherlockSon S 14 Ag lab Lewes Beddingham 
91BlackcapMary Ann SherlockDaughter S 13 Scholar Lewes Beddingham 
91BlackcapEdith E SherlockDaughter S 8 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
91BlackcapAbraham SherlockSon S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
91BlackcapHarriett SherlockDaughter S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
91Blackcap S Beddingham 
92FurlongsGeorge GreenHead M 46 Shepherd Rodmell Beddingham 
92FurlongsAnn GreenWife M 39 Dorset, Tolpuddle Beddingham 
92FurlongsFrank GreenSon S 14 Ag lab Clayton Beddingham 
92FurlongsAlbert GreenSon S 12 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
92FurlongsAda GreenDaughter S 9 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
92FurlongsAgnes GreenDaughter S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
92FurlongsHarvey GreenSon S 4 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
93FurlongsHenry NorrissHead M 29 Ag lab Hampshire, Headbourne Worthy Beddingham 
93FurlongsMary Jane NorrissWife M 29 Sompting Beddingham 
94LeyJames PotterHead W 66 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
94LeyJohn PotterSon S 21 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
94LeyIsabella PotterDaughter S 18 Housekeeper, domestic Beddingham Beddingham 
95LeyMark WestLodger S 23 Shepherd Arundel Beddingham 
96LeyWilliam SmithHead M 51 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
96LeyFrances SmithWife M 56 Firle Beddingham 
96LeyDavid SmithSon S 21 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
96LeyFanny PontDaughter M 37 Wife of engine driver Beddingham Beddingham 
96LeyMargaret PontGranddaughter S 4 Middlesex, London Beddingham 
97LeyGeorge TaylorLodger S 44 Ag lab Beddingham Beddingham 
98Preston HouseCharles EllisHead M 59 Farmer of 2810 acres employing 57 men and 24 boys Hurstpierpoint Beddingham 
98Preston HouseMary Ann Dorothy EllisWife M 52 Farmer's wife Hamsey Beddingham 
98Preston HouseWilliam Jenner EllisSon S 31 Farmer's son Keymer Beddingham 
98Preston HouseArchibald EllisSon S 24 Timber merchant's assistant Keymer Beddingham 
98Preston HouseBernard EllisSon S 20 Solicitor's articled clerk Keymer Beddingham 
98Preston HouseElizabeth Hannah HentyServant S 22 Cook, domestic servant Chailey Beddingham 
98Preston HouseMary VerrallServant S 17 Cook, domestic servant Hamsey Beddingham 
98Preston HouseJane BlackmanServant S 14 Housemaid, domestic servant Pulborough Beddingham 
1Railway CottagesDaniel FordHead M 21 Labourer (railway) Ringmer Glynde 
1Railway CottagesLouisa FordWife M 21 Barcombe Glynde 
1Railway CottagesGeorge FordSon S 1 Lewes Glynde 
2Railway CottagesGeorge StylesHead M 28 Labourer (chalk pit) Richmond, Surrey Glynde 
2Railway CottagesElizabeth StylesWife M 21 Gloucestershire. Glynde 
3Railway CottagesAlfred WoodHead M 35 Labourer (railway) Beddingham Glynde 
3Railway CottagesSusannah WoodWife M 29 Berwick Glynde 
3Railway CottagesEdward H WoodSon S 6 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
3Railway CottagesAlfred WoodSon S 5 Scholar Firle Glynde 
3Railway CottagesFrederick C WoodSon S 4 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
3Railway CottagesEmily WoodDaughter S 1 Glynde Glynde 
4Railway CottagesThomas RussellHead M 73 Signalman (railway) Frole, Surrey [Froyle, Hampshire] Glynde 
4Railway CottagesJane RussellWife M 63 Basing, Hampshire Glynde 
5Railway CottagesWilliam WoodHead M 62 Signalman railway Bath, Somerset Glynde 
5Railway CottagesAnn WoodWife M 57 Stepney, Middlesex Glynde 
5Railway CottagesAnnie WoodGranddaughter S 11 Scholar Lambeth, Surrey Glynde 
6Brigdens CottagesArthur BakerHead M 73 Labourer (farm) Glynde Glynde 
6Brigdens CottagesSophia BakerWife M 85 Burwash Glynde 
7Brigdens CottagesCharles PageLodger S 26 Gamekeeper Codicote, Hertfordshire Glynde 
8Brigdens CottagesJohn HiltonHead M 67 Agricultural labourer Jevington Glynde 
8Brigdens CottagesSarah HiltonWife M 56 Woodmancote Glynde 
8Brigdens CottagesMary A HiltonDaughter S 20 Dressmaker Glynde Glynde 
9Glynde VillageAmos WellerHead M 60 Garden labourer Firle Glynde 
9Glynde VillageMartha WellerWife M 63 Waldron Glynde 
9Glynde VillageElizabeth WellerDaughter S 23 Housemaid unemployed Glynde Glynde 
9Glynde VillageWilliam WenhamGrandson S 12 Scholar Hailsham Glynde 
10Glynde VillageHenry HylandHead M 56 Chalkpit labourer Selmeston Glynde 
10Glynde VillageRuth HylandWife M 58 Telscombe Glynde 
10Glynde VillageAlbert BeechSon S 30 Bricklayer's labourer Glynde Glynde 
10Glynde VillageMary C WellerGranddaughter S 10 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
10Glynde VillageFanny WellerGranddaughter S 8 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
11Glynde VillageEphraim BakerHead M 76 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
11Glynde VillageHarriet BakerWife M 66 Hellingly Glynde 
11Glynde VillageStephen BakerBrother W 82 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
11Glynde VillageJob BakerGrandson S 13 Shoemaker's apprentice Glynde Glynde 
12Glynde VillageWilliam ChandlerHead M 38 Butcher (master employing 1 man) Ringmer Glynde 
12Glynde VillageMary ChandlerWife M 39 Kirdford Glynde 
12Glynde VillageHerbert ChandlerSon S 15 Butcher Glynde Glynde 
12Glynde VillageMary J ChandlerDaughter S 10 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
12Glynde VillageCharles R ChandlerNephew S 8 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
13Glynde VillageMartha UnsteadHead W 77 Glynde Glynde 
13Glynde VillageHannah PeerlessSister S 73 Glynde Glynde 
13Glynde VillageSarah A FryAttendant S 24 Nurse Lewes Glynde 
14Glynde VillageMaria LustedHead S 52 Grocer and Sub-Postmistress Glynde Glynde 
14Glynde VillageRose LustedNiece S 16 Assistant Brighton Glynde 
14Glynde VillageFrederick W LustedNephew S 22 Gardener Glynde Glynde 
14Glynde VillageAnn UptonServant S 15 General servant Glynde Glynde 
15Glynde VillageSusan PageLodger W 73 East Peckham, Kent Glynde 
16Glynde VillageCharles WellerHead M 52 Builder (employing 6 men and 3 boys) Glynde Glynde 
16Glynde VillageLouisa WellerWife M 53 Iford Glynde 
16Glynde VillageFanny L WellerDaughter S 23 Glynde Glynde 
16Glynde VillageCharles WellerSon S 21 Bootmaker Glynde Glynde 
16Glynde VillageMary WellerDaughter S 16 Pupil teacher Glynde Glynde 
16Glynde VillageGertrude WellerDaughter S 12 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
16Glynde VillageEllen S WellerDaughter S 9 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
16Glynde VillageDavid HentyBoarder S 21 Groom Lewes Glynde 
17Glynde VillageHenry WellerHead M 38 Bricklayer Glynde Glynde 
17Glynde VillageAnnie WellerWife M 37 Dressmaker Crediton, Devon Glynde 
17Glynde VillageElizabeth E WellerDaughter S 9 Scholar Beddingham Glynde 
17Glynde VillageGeorge W WellerSon S 7 Scholar Beddingham Glynde 
17Glynde VillageThomas E WellerSon S 5 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
18Glynde VillageThomas WellerHead M 47 Bricklayer Glynde Glynde 
18Glynde VillageSarah A WellerWife M 50 Alfriston Glynde 
18Glynde VillageWinifred A DowlenVisitor S 4 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
19Glynde VillageHenry WillardHead M 29 Police Constable (East Sussex Constabulary) Maresfield Glynde 
19Glynde VillageFanny WillardWife M 28 Glynde Glynde 
19Glynde VillageHenry J WillardSon S 9 Scholar Ringmer Glynde 
19Glynde VillageWalter C WillardSon S 7 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
19Glynde VillageWilliam G WillardSon S 6 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
19Glynde VillageKate E C WillardDaughter S 4 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
19Glynde VillageThomas F WillardSon S 1 Glynde Glynde 
20Glynde VillageHenry W LustedHead M 25 Wheelwright journeyman Glynde Glynde 
20Glynde VillageEmily LustedWife M 22 Selmeston Glynde 
20Glynde VillageFrederick H LustedSon S 2m Glynde Glynde 
21Glynde VillageGeorge H StevensonHead M 62 Clerk to lime works Ticehurst Glynde 
21Glynde VillageFrances E StevensonWife M 50 Mayfield Glynde 
21Glynde VillageIndianna E StevensonDaughter S 25 Lewes Glynde 
21Glynde VillageGeorge F StevensonSon S 21 Under gardener Glynde Glynde 
21Glynde VillageBenden A StevensonSon S 18 Under gardener Glynde Glynde 
21Glynde VillageLouisa A StevensonDaughter S 16 Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageWilliam TaylorHead M 54 Chalk pit labourer Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageCharlotte TaylorWife M 52 Beddingham Glynde 
22Glynde VillageAlfred TaylorSon S 28 Chalk pit labourer Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageSpencer TaylorSon S 26 Chalk pit labourer Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageMartha TaylorDaughter S 19 Domestic servant (unemployed) Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageAmy S TaylorDaughter S 17 Employed at home Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageAlice TaylorDaughter S 13 Glynde Glynde 
22Glynde VillageWinifred TaylorDaughter S 10 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
23Glynde VillageCharles BeckHead W 45 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
23Glynde VillageWilliam BeckSon S 17 Blacksmith's apprentice Glynde Glynde 
23Glynde VillageFrank BeckSon S 15 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
23Glynde VillageRichard BeckSon S 13 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
23Glynde VillageGeorge BeckSon S 11 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
23Glynde VillageAnn BackDaughter S 9 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
24Glynde VillageHarriet TerryHead W 73 Grocer (small shop) Kent Glynde 
24Glynde VillageLouisa A TaylorGranddaughter S 12 Glynde Glynde 
25Glynde VillageJames TaylorLodger W 58 General labourer Glynde Glynde 
26Glynde VillageJames HylandsHead M 51 General labourer Ringmer Glynde 
26Glynde VillageAnn HylandsWife M 49 Glynde Glynde 
26Glynde VillageRobert HylandsSon S 22 Chalk pit labourer Glynde Glynde 
26Glynde VillageAlfred HylandsSon S 15 Bricklayer's labourer Glynde Glynde 
27Glynde VillageHenry BryantHead M 48 Lime burner Ringmer Glynde 
27Glynde VillageMary A BryantWife M 51 Wisborough Green Glynde 
27Glynde VillageRichard BarnesBoarder S 21 Railway signal porter Yalding, Kent Glynde 
27Glynde VillageJames SaundersBoarder S 23 Railway signal porter Lewes Glynde 
27Glynde VillageHenry CaplinBoarder S 19 Railway signal porter Alsted[??], Hampshire Glynde 
27Glynde VillageCharles DayBoarder S 14 Railway clerk East Grinstead Glynde 
28Glynde VillageGeorge TaylorHead M 44 Blacksmith (employing 2 men and 1 boy) Glynde Glynde 
28Glynde VillageHarriet TaylorWife M 40 Brighton Glynde 
28Glynde VillageWilliam G TaylorSon S 9 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
28Glynde VillageRichard TaylorBoarder S 23 Blacksmith Glynde Glynde 
28Glynde VillageThomas HylandsBoarder S 20 Blacksmth Glynde Glynde 
29Glynde VillageJohn AkehurstHead W 74 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Glynde 
29Glynde VillageHarriet JennerSister-in-law W 66 Housekeeper Alfriston Glynde 
30Glynde VillageLucy A HuntHead W 32 Dressmaker Telscombe Glynde 
30Glynde VillageRosa M HuntDaughter S 9 Scholar Coppers Gap Glynde 
30Glynde VillageMinnie C HuntDaughter S 8 Scholar Ringmer Glynde 
30Glynde VillageFrederick HuntSon S 4 Scholar Connah's Quay, Flintshire Glynde 
31Glynde VillageStephen LustedHead M 60 Carpenter and wheelwright (employing 1 man) Glynde Glynde 
31Glynde VillageMary P LustedWife M 62 Firle Glynde 
31Glynde VillageEliza D LustedDaughter S 19 Glynde Glynde 
31Glynde VillageHarry HutsonBoarder S 29 Wheelwright journeyman Firle Glynde 
32Glynde VillageAnn TaylorHead W 51 Charwoman Brighton Glynde 
32Glynde VillageElizabeth TaylorDaughter S 15 Domestic servant, unemployed Glynde Glynde 
33Glynde VillageMary MaynardLodger S 74 Charity recipient Firle Glynde 
34Glynde VillageAnne PattendenHead S 27 Certified teacher National School Horne, Surrey Glynde 
34Glynde VillageSarah ParttendenSister S 14 East Grinstead Glynde 
35Glynde VillageWilliam HutsonHead M 38 Agricultural engine driver of steam plough Firle Glynde 
35Glynde VillageEmily HutsonWife M 37 Firle Glynde 
35Glynde VillageEdward F HutsonSon S 16 Groom Firle Glynde 
35Glynde VillageGeorge W HutsonSon S 12 Scholar Firle Glynde 
35Glynde VillageCharles HutsonSon S 10 Scholar Firle Glynde 
36Glynde VillageGeorge WilsonHead M 50 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Glynde 
36Glynde VillageJane WilsonWife M 51 Ripe Glynde 
36Glynde VillageElizabeth WilsonDaughter S 23 No employ Lewes Glynde 
36Glynde VillageArchibald J WoodardBoarder S 4 Unknown Glynde 
37Glynde VillageHenry LeppardHead M 47 Agricultural labourer Slaugham Glynde 
37Glynde VillageAnn LeppardWife M 46 Ashurst Glynde 
37Glynde VillageHenry P LeppardSon S 15 Agricultural labourer Seaford Glynde 
37Glynde VillageElizabeth PageBoarder S 7 Scholar Seaford Glynde 
38Glynde VillageRobert BakerLodger W 55 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Glynde 
39Glynde VillageMark HillmanHead W 38 Agricultural labourer Telscombe Glynde 
40Glynde VillageHenry BeechHead M 45 Agricultural carter Glynde Glynde 
40Glynde VillageSamuel H BeechSon S 12 House boy Glynde Glynde 
40Glynde VillageCaroline E BeechDaughter S 9 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
42The VicarageGeorge AverillHead M 39 Vicar of Glynde, MA Broadway, Worcesterhire Glynde 
42The VicarageRose L AverillWife M 33 Brighton Glynde 
42The VicarageMary E R AverillDaughter S 2 Glynde Glynde 
42The VicarageHilda F AverillDaughter S 9m Glynde Glynde 
42The VicarageMatilda MilesServant S 31 Nurse, domestic servant Chelsea, Middlesex Glynde 
42The VicarageEllen HareServant S 27 Cook, domestic servant Lewes Glynde 
42The VicarageEllen BoxServant S 25 Housemaid, domestic servant Tunbridge Wells, Kent Glynde 
42The VicarageElizabeth AshdownServant S 18 Nurserymaid, domestic servant Groombridge, Kent Glynde 
43Glynde VillageJohn MarchantHead M 70 Chalk pit labourer Alfriston Glynde 
43Glynde VillageJane MarchantWife M 67 Arlington Glynde 
44Glynde VillageJohn ReynoldsLodger S 38 Chalk pit labourer Hellingly Glynde 
45Glynde VillageEdgar EadeHead M 32 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
45Glynde VillageMary A EadeWife M 29 Mamhead, Devon Glynde 
45Glynde VillageWilliam E EadeSon S 9 Scholar Beddingham Glynde 
45Glynde VillageJames EadeSon S 1 Glynde Glynde 
46Glynde VillageGeorge BeechHead M 49 Carpenter (estate) Glynde Glynde 
46Glynde VillageJane BeechWife M 66 Hartfield Glynde 
46Glynde VillageKate KingNiece S 11 Scholar Lewes Glynde 
47Glynde VillageAbel TurnerHead M 52 Chalk pit labourer Glynde Glynde 
47Glynde VillageSophia TurnerWife M 58 Berwick Glynde 
47Glynde VillageEdwin turnerSon S 23 Railway labourer Glynde Glynde 
47Glynde VillageWinifred TurnerDaughter S 21 Housekeeper to family Glynde Glynde 
47Glynde VillageRichard TurnerSon S 20 Agricultural labourer (carter) Glynde Glynde 
47Glynde VillageCharles TurnerSon S 17 Agricultural labourer (shepherd) Glynde Glynde 
48Glynde VillageHenry RoserHead M 52 Chalk pit labourer Lindfield Glynde 
48Glynde VillageMary A RoserWife M 50 Lewes Glynde 
48Glynde VillageArthur RoserSon S 22 Agricultural labourer Lewes Glynde 
49Glynde VillageGeorge IdeHead M 48 Chalk pit labourer Oving Glynde 
49Glynde VillageEmma D IdeWife M 43 Alfriston Glynde 
49Glynde VillageHarry IdeSon S 21 Groom Glynde Glynde 
50Glynde VillageHannah LustedHead W 61 Uckfield Glynde 
50Glynde VillageMary LustedDaughter S 24 Reigate, Surrey Glynde 
50Glynde VillageJames LustedGrandson S 4 Fletching Glynde 
51Glynde VillageAnn BeckHead W 69 Receiving rent of house Kent Glynde 
51Glynde VillageAnn BeckDaughter S 49 Housekeeper to mother Glynde Glynde 
51Glynde VillageHenry BeckSon S 33 Coachman Glynde Glynde 
51Glynde VillageFrank BeckSon S 27 Butcher (journeyman) Glynde Glynde 
52Rose CottageJohn HarrisHead M 57 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
52Rose CottageFanny HarrisWife M 57 Glynde Glynde 
52Rose CottageSarah BrayVisitor W 70 Nurse Laughton Glynde 
53Rose CottageJohn ThornLodger S 16 Railway porter Cowfold Glynde 
54Glynde VillageGeorge MooreHead M 72 Herdsman Beddingham Glynde 
54Glynde VillageLydia MooreWife M 60 Dairy woman Firle Glynde 
54Glynde VillageGeorge MooreSon S 24 Herdsman Beddingham Glynde 
54Glynde VillageCharlotte MooreDaughter S 19 Domestic servant, unemployed Beddingham Glynde 
55Glynde VillageJames McLeodHead M 66 Gardener, head Scotland. Glynde 
55Glynde VillageJanet McLeodWife M 56 Scotland. Glynde 
55Glynde VillageWilliam McLeodSon M 25 Gardener, under Glynde Glynde 
55Glynde VillageWilliam J WhiteGrandson S 7 Scholar Iver, Buckinghamshire Glynde 
56Glynde VillageAmelia HastingsHead W 59 Lindfield Glynde 
56Glynde VillageHenry HastingsSon S 26 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Glynde 
56Glynde VillageHarriet HastingsDaughter S 23 Domestic servant Beddingham Glynde 
56Glynde VillageElizabeth HastingsDaughter S 19 Beddingham Glynde 
56Glynde VillageCordelia B UnsteadVisitor S 22 General servant Mayfield Glynde 
57Glynde VillageHenry SaundersHead M 63 Carpenter, journeyman Easbourne Glynde 
57Glynde VillageMary A SaundersWife M 54 Ringmer Glynde 
57Glynde VillageAnn SaundersMother W 89 Easbourne Glynde 
58Glynde VillageThomas ColgateHead W 64 Land agent and farmer of 280 acres (employing 5 men and 2 bo Withyham Glynde 
58Glynde VillageThomas ColgateSon S 31 Land valuer and farm manager South Heighton Glynde 
58Glynde VillageCatherine ColgateDaughter S 29 Housekeeper South Heighton Glynde 
58Glynde VillageWalter ColgateSon S 23 Farm manager Beddingham Glynde 
58Glynde VillagePriscilla ColgateDaughter S 21 Beddingham Glynde 
58Glynde VillageEmily GaleServant S 19 Cook, domestic servant Udimore Glynde 
58Glynde VillageElizabeth A FunnellServant S 17 Housemaid, domestic servant Lewes Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceHenry BrandHead M 66 Speaker, House of Commons London. Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceEliza BrandWife M 61 Exeter. Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceFrederick BowlettServant S 29 Butler, domestic Biggleswade, Bedfordshire Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceEliza WilliamsServant S 34 Laundry maid, domestic Pontypool, Monmouthshire Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceMartha GibbonsServant S 27 House maid, domestic Egham, Surrey Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceJemima EvansServant S 23 Laundry maid, domestic Newbury, Berkshire Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceEleanor ParkServant S 19 Laundry maid, domestic Blaydon, Northumberland Glynde 
59Glynde PlaceSpencer TaylorServant S 61 Garden labourer Glynde Glynde 
60Laceys CottageCharles TuppenHead M 54 Shepherd Lullington Glynde 
60Laceys CottageHarriet TuppenWife M 54 Selmeston Glynde 
60Laceys CottageEmma H TuppenDaughter S 25 Nurse, domestic Falmer Glynde 
60Laceys CottageCharles H TuppenSon S 21 General labourer Falmer Glynde 
60Laceys CottageWilliam TuppenSon S 15 Shepherd Beddingham Glynde 
60Laceys CottageAlice J TuppenDaughter S 12 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
60Laceys CottageGeorge R TuppenSon S 9 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
60Laceys CottageFrederick TuppenSon S 5 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
60Laceys CottageLaura M FlintVisitor S 19 Housemaid (unemployed) Beddingham Glynde 
61GlyndebourneHenry BuckwellHead M 27 Agricultural labour Plumpton Glynde 
61GlyndebourneSarah A BuckwellWife M 26 Lewes Glynde 
61GlyndebourneMary A BuckwellDaughter S 3 Ringmer Glynde 
61GlyndebourneEmily BuckwellDaughter S 1 Glynde Glynde 
62GlyndebourneStephen StandfordHead M 53 Shepherd Bignor Glynde 
62GlyndebourneAnna StandfordWife M 53 Hangleton Glynde 
62GlyndebourneMabel A SandlesGranddaughter S 1 Beddingham Glynde 
63GlyndebourneHenry BartholomewHead S 34 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Glynde 
63GlyndebourneMary BartholomewMother W 62 Chailey Glynde 
63GlyndebourneThomas BartholomewBrother S 22 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Glynde 
64GlyndebourneRosanna SimmonsHead W 52 Fletching Glynde 
64GlyndebourneWilliam SimmonsSon S 24 Agricultural labourer Ringmer Glynde 
64GlyndebourneGeorge SimmonsSon S 14 Agricultural labourer Ringmer Glynde 
64GlyndebourneAlfred SimmonsSon S 10 Scholar Beddingham Glynde 
64GlyndebourneLouisa SimmonsDaughter S 20 Ringmer Glynde 
64GlyndebourneDavid RookBoarder S 21 Groom Ringmer Glynde 
65GlyndebourneJames StanfordHead M 26 Agricultural labourer Poynings Glynde 
65GlyndebourneKate StanfordWife M 25 Arlington Glynde 
65GlyndebourneStephen J StanfordSon S 2 Kingston by Sea Glynde 
66GlyndebourneWilliam H NashHead M 32 Farmer 470 acres employing 9 men and 5 boys Reigate, Surrey Glynde 
66GlyndebourneAda NashWife M 39 Camberwell, Surrey Glynde 
66GlyndebourneEdith A NashDaughter S 8 Scholar Walberton Glynde 
66GlyndebourneAda B NashDaughter S 6 Scholar Walberton Glynde 
66GlyndebourneLouisa E McMurdieNiece S 19 Brixton, Surrey Glynde 
66GlyndebourneSophia WebbServant S 20 Cook (domestic) Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire Glynde 
66GlyndebourneMary A GilesServant S 19 Housemaid (domestic) London, Middlesex Glynde 
67Glyndebourne HouseWilliam L ChristieHead M 50 MP, magistrate London. Glynde 
67Glyndebourne HouseHenry HarmerServant M 60 General labourer Glynde Glynde 
67Glyndebourne HouseEliza E HarmerServant M 62 Wife of general labourer Firle Glynde 
67Glyndebourne HouseAnn TaylorServant S 18 Scullery maid, domestic Glynde Glynde 
68Glyndebourne HouseJames BakerHead W 57 Farm bailiff Glynde Glynde 
68Glyndebourne HouseStephen BakerSon S 24 Gardener Croydon, Surrey Glynde 
68Glyndebourne HouseJemima BakerDaughter S 28 Housekeeper Glynde Glynde 
68Glyndebourne HouseSophia BakerDaughter S 26 Domestic servant Glynde Glynde 
69Glyndebourne HouseWilliam BeckHead M 47 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
69Glyndebourne HouseMary BeckWife M 37 Glynde Glynde 
69Glyndebourne HouseNaomi A BeckDaughter S 16 Domestic, unemployed Glynde Glynde 
69Glyndebourne HouseWilliam BeckSon S 9 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
69Glyndebourne HouseMary J BeckDaughter S 7m Glynde Glynde 
70Glyndebourne HouseJoseph DuplockHead W 68 Farmer of 5 acres Alfriston Glynde 
70Glyndebourne HouseGeorge DuplockSon S 36 General labourer Glynde Glynde 
71Glyndebourne HouseJoseph EadeHead M 55 Agricultural labourer Glynde Glynde 
71Glyndebourne HouseMartha EadeWife M 59 Laundress Horsham Glynde 
71Glyndebourne HouseMartha E BuckwellNiece S 5 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallSolomon FreemanHead M 62 Gamekeeper, head Kimpton, Hertfordshire Glynde 
72Ellinge HallHarriet FreemanWife M 48 Great Wratting, Suffolk Glynde 
72Ellinge HallGeorge FreemanSon S 21 Gamekeeper, under Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallJulia FreemanDaughter S 18 Schoolteacher Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallEmily FreemanDaughter S 14 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallWillie FreemanSon S 12 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallJames FreemanSon S 10 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallFanny FreemanDaughter S 8 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
72Ellinge HallThomas FreemanSon S 6 Scholar Glynde Glynde 
73Dairy HouseGeorge CarterHead M 37 Agricultural bailiff Wroxton, Oxfordshire Glynde 
73Dairy HouseEmily CarterWife M 39 Ockley, Surrey Glynde 
73Dairy HouseAmelia CarterDaughter S 12 Scholar Ockley, Surrey Glynde 
73Dairy HouseGeorge W CarterSon S 10 Scholar Ockley, Surrey Glynde 
73Dairy HouseCharles H CarterSon S 3 Glynde Glynde 
Ranscombe Farm CottageAllen MitchellHead M 68 Agricultural Labourer Telscombe South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageMary A MitchellWife M 66 Wife of Ag Lab Wiston South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageJames MitchellSon S 27 Labourer on Railway Itchingfield South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageWalter MitchellSon S 24 Labourer on Railway Framfield South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageGeorge AllenHead M 40 Agricultural Labourer Oving South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageMaria AllenWife M 38 Wife of Ag Lab Mavis Enderby, Lincolnshire South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageCharles G AllenSon S 11 Carter Boy South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageMary E AllenDaughter S 9 Scholar Beddingham South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageHerbert J AllenSon S 7 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageLouisa M AllenDaughter S 2 South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageHenry BlaberBoarder S 20 Agricultural labourer Lewes South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageRobert GillmanHead M 57 Agricultural labourer Froxfield, Hampshire South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageCharlotte L GillmanWife M 48 Wife of Ag Lab Clanfield, Hampshire South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageCharles Colobean[?]Boarder S 15 Farm servant Eastbourne South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageJoseph DuplockHead M 41 Shepherd Glynde South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageEmily DuplockWife M 34 Wife of Shepherd South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageAnnie DuplockDaughter S 11 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageEmily DuplockDaughter S 11 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageAlice DuplockDaughter S 8 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageRose DuplockDaughter S 8 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageWilliam J DuplockSon S 6 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageHenry E DuplockSon S 3 Scholar South Malling South Malling 
Ranscombe Farm CottageGeorge T DuplockSon S 1 South Malling South Malling 

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