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Sched No. Address Name Relation to Head of Household Marital Status Age Occupation Worker/ Employer Birth Parish Parish Page image
29Toy Farm CottagesHenry BakerHead M 32 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Beddingham 
29Toy Farm CottagesJane BakerWife M 26 Beddingham Beddingham 
29Toy Farm CottagesJane BakerDaughter S 4 Glynde Beddingham 
29Toy Farm CottagesHarriett BakerDaughter S 3 Beddingham Beddingham 
29Toy Farm CottagesEllen BakerDaughter S 1 Beddingham Beddingham 
29Toy Farm CottagesHenry MooreStepson S 6 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
29Toy Farm CottagesGeorge DuplockLodger S 20 Agricultural labourer (shepherd) Glynde Beddingham 
30Toy Farm CottagesSamuel MooreHead M 37 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Beddingham 
30Toy Farm CottagesElizabeth MooreWife M 30 Kent, Sevenoaks Beddingham 
30Toy Farm CottagesRhoda MooreDaughter S 8 Scholar Tarring Neville Beddingham 
30Toy Farm CottagesJesse MooreSon S 5 Tarring Neville Beddingham 
30Toy Farm CottagesCornelius MooreSon S 11m Beddingham Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesWilliam MooreHead M 35 Agricultural labourer Beddingham Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesCaroline MooreWife M 34 Beeding Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesDavid MooreSon S 8 Firle Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesRuth MooreDaughter S 7 Scholar Beddingham Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesHagar MooreDaughter S 4 Beddingham Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesNaomi MooreDaughter S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 
31Toy Farm CottagesEsther MooreDaughter S 3m Beddingham Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesWilliam DuplockHead M 48 Agricultural labourer and gamekeeper Mayfield Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesBett DuplockWife M 42 Herstmonceux Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesJoseph DuplockSon S 18 Agricultural labourer Glynde Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesHannah DuplockDaughter S 16 Glynde Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesHarriett DuplockDaughter S 14 Glynde Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesJames DuplockSon S 11 Agricultural labourer Glynde Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesHenry DuplockSon S 8 Scholar Glynde Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesDaniel DuplockSon S 5 Scholar Glynde Beddingham 
32Toy Farm CottagesAlfred DuplockSon S 2 Beddingham Beddingham 

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