Ranscombe Farm: 1086-1543
1086Archbishop of Canterbury1543
1543The Gage Estate1980
1423Thomas Smyth1435
1435William Cotteller1439
1439John Payn1445
1445Thomas Gynnour1447

Ranscombe Farm and farmhouse are relatively new additions to the parish although they are recorded in documents dating from early in the 15th century. Until 1984 they were in the parish of South Malling Without (now abolished) and before that, from 1894, it had been in the ancient parish of South Malling. The Domesday book, 1086, shows that the manor of South Malling, which included the probably later manor of Ranscombe, which in turn included the settlement of Southerham, was held by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Early documents relating to the manor of Ranscombe, found in the archive of the Gage estate, contain a number of views of the estate of Thomas Smyth, farmer, 1423-1435; then of William Coteller, farmer, 1435-1439; John Payn, farmer, 1439-1445; and Thomas Gynnour, William Oveton and John ate Worth, 1445-1448. Sometimes the estate included the fishery of Southerham, but it is probable that most of the above farmers were tenants of the manor of Ranscombe which would have included all or part of the present Ranscombe Farm.

A century later, on 25th September 1543, Thomas Cranmer the Archbishop of Canterbury, granted to Sir John Gage, controller of the king's household, the manor of Ranscombe then part of the possessions of the archbishop, and the fishing of the Brodewater [this is probably the fishery mentioned in the fifteenth century documents above] in South Malling, Southerham and Beddingham, and the adjoining brooks, "as well covered by water as not covered by water"; and the parks, lands and tenementRented dwelling
or land
Rented dwelling or lands part of the archbishop's called More Park, Ringmer Park and Plasshett Park in Ringmer; and land called Plottys Parke and Owlde Pond otherwise Plottsbridge and Owldepond in Little Horsted and Framfield.

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