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Grapevine Cottages: 1763-1825
1727W Read1763
1763J Tugwell1807
1807Joseph Als & W Tugwell1825
1825J Thorpe1848
1763J Tugwell1807
1825S Hubbard & E Tugwell1825

John Tugwell of Glynde, cordwainerShoe maker, purchased a messuageHouse or dwelling,
inc. outbuildings &
orchard, courtyard
or gardens
or tenementRented dwelling
or land
and outhouse or stable, garden, orchard and croft of land containing about one acre in Glynde Street, from William Read of Framfield, miller in 1763 for £150. Clearly the land that had always gone with the tenementRented dwelling
or land
had now been sold separately.

John Tugwell had married Elizabeth Skinner, 21 Oct 1751, at Buxted. During his period of ownership Tugwell converted the ‘outhouse or stable’ to the house now called Daffodil Cottage and also built the brick house now called Step Cottages in 1784. When John Tugwell died in 1807 he left his three houses in trust to his friend Joseph Als and son Willaim Tugwell. Tugwell’s widow Elizabeth was to have the profits of the property for her life and after her death the properties were to be sold subject to John and Elizabeth Tugwell’s daughter having use of two rooms in Harveys.

William Tugwell was to have the option of buying the houses for £600 after his mother’s death but he pre-deceased her, dying in 1819. His mother, Elizabeth, died in December 1824 and so Joseph Als, surviving trustee of John Tugwell’s will, offered the properties for sale in 5 lots (plus a property in Cliffe High Street, Lewes) at auction at the Bear Hotel, Cliffe, on Tuesday 8 May 1825.

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