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From the Sussex Express, 13th October 1916


By order of Mr Albert Wadman, quitting, Messrs Thornton and Co sold at Cobbe Place Farm, Beddingham, on Wednesday, 41 large framed heavy milking shorthorn cows, three down calving heifers, two pedigree Sussex bulls, ten young draught horses, and four other horses.

The cows fetched the very good average of £28, and the average for the young draught horses worked out at the satisfactory figure of £70. Altogether the result formed a gratifying conclusion to the series of sales of Mr Wadman's stock throughout the district.

The following were the prices realised, with the names of the purchasers:-


Charmer, £31, Mr Lulham; Nigger, £19 10s, Mr Setford; Rose, £32, Mr Collins; Roaney, £32, Mr E M Hewett; Fillpail, £24 10s, Mr E M Hewett; Mary, £29, Mr Frowd; Spot, £25, Mr W T Joslin; Dutch, £41 10s, Mr Hecks; Brindle, £26, Mr H A Gearing; Lusty, £27, Mr W Greenwood; Jane, £25, Mr W T Joslin; Mottle, £25, Mr H Stacey; Snowball, £38, Mr W Rogers; Cowslip, £26, Mr W T Joslin; Maisie, £21, Mr J Batup; Alice, £20 10s, Mr Hackett; Dairymaid, £29, Mr M Stacey; Topsey, £30 10s, Mr E M Hewett; Molly, £22, Mr Setford; Pansey, £32 10s, Mr J H Everatt; Poppy, £29 10s, Mr Collinson; Maggie, £27 10s, Mr M Stacey; Primrose, £27, Mr H Gearing; Sally, £38 10s, Mr T F Smith; Smut, £28, Mr H Stacey; Damsel, £35, Mr G Hemsley; Nancy, £41 10s, Mr T F Smith; Bluey, £26, Mr W T Joslin; Drophorn, £22 10s, Mr H F Howell; Ginger, £24 10s, Mr M Stacey; Daisy, £26, Mr H Stacey; Lassie, £27 10s Mr Frowd; Bullhead, £30 10s, Mr Frowd; Kitty, [no price given], Mr W Killick; Maggie II, £35 10s, Mr J Martin; Gentle, £22 10s, Mr F J Cornwel; Snowey, £33, Mr H Stacey; Cockhorn, £34 10s, Mr M Stacey; Linnet, £23 10s, Mr W T Joslin; Lark, £28, Mr S F Dennis; Lady, £29 10s, Mr Collinson.

Three shorthorn heifers, with calf by side or forward in calf, were purchased by Messrs Collinson, H Wheeler, and W T Joslin for £30 10s, £10 10s, and £26 10s respectively.


Tutsham Baritone, £51 10s, Mr H Stacey; Browning's Miller 11th, £37, Mr J Martin.


Punch, brown gelding, 73 guineas, Mr W James; Duke, bay gelding, 85 gns, Newhaven Urban District Council; Turpin, brown gelding, 71 gns, Mr W James; Colonel, brown gelding, 72 gns, Mr A Palmer; Blackbird, gelding, 57 gns, Mr H Stacey; Prince, bay gelding, 58 gns, Mr H Stacey; Jack, brown gelding, 15½ gns, Mr W Moore; Tom, grey gelding, 22 gns, Mr Frowd; Koko, chestnut gelding, 29 gns, Mr H Stacey; brown pony mare, 19½ gns, Mr J Batup; Drummer, dun gelding, 58 gns, Mr H Broad; Dragon, grey gelding, 60 gns, Mr H Stacey; Champion, bay gelding, the property of Messrs J and H Robinson, Iford, which was included in the sale by permission was purchased by Mr A Palmer for 87 gns.

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